Frank Kratovil and GOP Cap and Trade 8

A crosspost from Red Maryland (MARK NEWGENT), and thought it was worthy of a read. In order to get the true value in it’s intent, you got to watch the video…simply put, shameless politicians!

Frank Kratovil and GOP Cap and Trade 8

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House Passes Climate Bill –

House Passes Climate Bill –

Seems Jimmy Carter had such good luck in the 70’s with the economy and energy practices, we’re gonna try it again.

“We cannot be afraid of the future. And we must not be prisoners of the past,” Mr. Obama said in his regular Saturday radio address. “Don’t believe the misinformation out there that suggests there is somehow a contradiction between investing in clean energy and economic growth.”

Spain sold thier citizen’s that the “Green” intitiative would save jobs too….ask them how that’s worked out!

Now, the house has had thier say, the Senate becomes the focus of what could be the “Largest single tax increase”, the saddest part…1200 pages and no-one has read it. Sound familiar? NO ONE reads them.

House Minority Leader John Boehner lambasted the Democratic bill for more than an hour Friday evening before the final vote. He mocked provisions covering everything from energy-efficient loan standards for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to the definition of “renewable biomass” to the establishment of “green” banking centers. “Is there anything we’re not regulating in this bill?” he said.

House Minority Leader attempted to read aloud, as the Dems introduce a 300 page amendment just before the vote…

Right before our eyes, we’re being “hood winked!”

PVRC is open for business!

Welcome to PVRC’s Blog…let’s create some controversy, action, and thought. Clearly we are equipped to comment, post and debate. It’s not fun if we “ALWAYS” agree, so have a bit of thick skin, don’t take it personally, as many in the blogosphere argue the other side to ensure you have good sound arguments. LOL! (that’s laugh out loud for you newbie’s)

Today is 06/26/2009…The Patapsco Valley Republican Club is very near entering the world of interactivity, or as I have recently coined the phrase, (seriously, I hadn’t heard it before) “Interactivism”…

Let’s invite friends, stop in every so often just to say HI!

Dave Aughenbaugh