PVRC is open for business!

Welcome to PVRC’s Blog…let’s create some controversy, action, and thought. Clearly we are equipped to comment, post and debate. It’s not fun if we “ALWAYS” agree, so have a bit of thick skin, don’t take it personally, as many in the blogosphere argue the other side to ensure you have good sound arguments. LOL! (that’s laugh out loud for you newbie’s)

Today is 06/26/2009…The Patapsco Valley Republican Club is very near entering the world of interactivity, or as I have recently coined the phrase, (seriously, I hadn’t heard it before) “Interactivism”…

Let’s invite friends, stop in every so often just to say HI!

Dave Aughenbaugh


One Response to PVRC is open for business!

  1. Harry Korrell says:

    An Open Letter…

    24 June 2009

    Dear Senators Mikulski and Cardin and Congressman Cummings,
    The primary purpose of this letter is to ask that you vote to defeat the various health Care proposals which include a so called “government option.”
    Another purpose of this letter is to request that you explain to me and your other constituents the effect of the various proposals on the health care plans which cover members of Congress.
    I ask that you divulge to us whether or not it is proposed that the health care benefits accruing to Senators and Congress persons be taxed or will those be exempted as proposed for labour union members.
    I ask that you strive to insure that whatever proposals you support require the full participation and involvement of all Senators, Congress persons and their staffs.
    I, like many citizens, believe that if members of the Senate and House of Representatives were required to participate in the monumentally mismanaged and misguided Social Security System, the problems of that monstrosity would have been resolved long ago.
    I wish you well in your endeavours at management of our wonderful country and support of its underlying principles of freedom as set forth in our marvelous Constitution and remind you that nowhere in that sacred document is there authority for the redistribution of wealth or property.
    Harry J. F. Korrell, Jr

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