Press Release – Balto. Co. Republican Party – Cavey

Key to the entire discussion here is the final sentence….

Its time for the citizens to end this partys monopoly on power.

For Immediate Release:

Baltimore County Republican Party Seeks Legislative Probe

Of Cardin Abuse of Police Resources

Contact: Chris Cavey

Baltimore County Republican Party Chairman, Chris Cavey called on legislative leaders to conduct an investigation into whether Delegate Jon Cardin (D-Baltimore County) used his state office in abusing police resources for the delegates marriage proposal stunt.

The Baltimore County Republican Party calls on Democrat leaders to launch an investigation into Delegate Cardins recent conduct, in which this lawmaker diverted police resources to help him propose to his girlfriend, Cavey commented. Its just not enough for Delegate Cardin to say he will repay the costs, and then hope this embarrassing episode goes away.

The inquiry should be conducted by the Joint Committee on Legislative Ethics. It would also be charged with determining whether Del. Cardin abused his “prestige of office” in seeking the police help.

Sadly, this is the third episode in a month that shows how Democrats in Baltimore County are intoxicated with power, Cavey concluded, referencing recent criminal charges filed against two Baltimore County Councilmen. Its time for the citizens to end this partys monopoly on power.



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