From Art to Corn

Fired up yet?

Fired up yet?

And then there were none...

And then there were none...

Remember that momentum I was talking about?  Well, here is an example.  Several of us from the PVRC manned a table at the Catonsville Arts & Crafts festival on Sunday.   Yep, I was there laryngitis and all.  In fact, I planned to stop by and hang out for a few and ended up staying for about three hours.  I didn’t care if people could hear the raspy whisper exhuming from my lips, I still spoke and they strained to listen.  Now, you might think that Dave simply waited for an opportune time to snap this photo of the Dems table, but I walked by several times and it always looked like this, while our table was rarely without a gathering crowd.  One could argue that the Dems don’t need to stop at their own table; they’re in power.  Yes, yes, but what if I told you we had Democrats showing up at our table ready to change their party (notice how I didn’t say Liberals)?  True statement.  The Democratic party is losing it’s base, more like changing it’s base.  Moderate to conservative democrats are jumping ship left and right as the party finally starts to reveal it’s true colors…full out socialism.  My question is why would someone give up freedom, bloody, costly freedom, for socialism?  Sure, it sounds all great ideally.  Let’s all sell off everything we have and live in blissed out community with one another.  Then there would be no hunger, no poverty, no crime.  Heck, it’s even Biblical to some extent.  I’m honestly surprised that they haven’t pulled that one out of their proverbial hat.  Yes, it is our job to take care of the sick and the poor, the widows and the orphans, but since when is the government the best entity to organize and run such an endeavor.  Take Hurricane Katrina for instance. While the government was failing to meet the basic needs of it’s citizens, it was the churches and the communities who provided much needed assistance.  And let’s be realistic for a slim second, socialism is now and will always be doomed to fail simply because it’s based in idealism, and not reality.

As I spoke with these concerned citizens, I made sure to highlight several things; the local candidates running for office, the PVRC and how they can get involved, and The Ehrlich Family Corn Roast.  Probably the number 1 question asked on Sunday was whether or not Ehrlich was putting himself on the block for 2010.  Isn’t that the 10 million dollar question of late?  The answer?  We certainly hope so, and from what we’ve heard, he’s seriously considering it.  His mom told me on Sunday, “Once burned, twice shy, right?”  (Side note: Bob Ehrlich has the absolute sweetest, supportive parents out there, save mine) But if you really want to show him some support, then come out for the Corn Roast on October 3rd at Reynolds Farm in Reistertown, MD. I’ll be there three kids in tow.  By the way, my husband will be out of town so I’m going this alone.  If you see me, feel free to take the boys to ride ponies or hold the baby for a while.  Either way, go! Sure it might cost a few bucks, like $20 or $25, but kids under 13 are free and it’s a great value for your buck (and I know value).

The Details, Hope you can read them

The Details, Hope you can read them


One Response to From Art to Corn

  1. David says:

    Was an awesome event, and again a great end to an even greater weekend. Our so called Astroturf movement was sure keeping us active, asking real questions and voicing real concerns.

    I think we might even garner a few additions to our club meetings. It is my hope that we can in fact grow right out of the Bloomsbury Community Center because of sheer size. Could present a problem, but it would be a good one to have.


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