Take It & Run

I’m certainly not new to blogging, but I am (at least sort of) new to politics.  Let’s just say I’m getting my foot in the door.  I’m 31, a woman, wife, mom of 3 kids under 5, entrepreneur of sorts, and a damn proud American citizen.  In the last year or so that I’ve been testing the political waters, I’ve noticed something.  There aren’t many like me out there.  There just aren’t a lot of young families involved in the local political spectrum.  Of course, it’s easy to see why not. We’re busy.  Heck, it’s hard enough just keeping our sanity through out the day with our families and schedules, but let me say this; now is the time.  We’ve got some momentum.  For the first time in years, the political tide is turning our way.  The stay at home moms aren’t sitting on the sidelines any longer.

At Arlen Specter’s first (not sure if there were more) town hall meeting, a woman stood up, proudly proclaiming her momness to this traitor of a senator.  Boy was she pissed.  Passion literally emoted from her.  This was not some activist loon (Cindy Shehan).  Nope, until Obama started pummeling her with his socialist ideals, she was probably content clinging to her “guns and religion.”  “You’ve awakened the sleeping giant.”  Her words, not mine.  I’m not sure I’ll ever forget that moment, especially not the contempt in Specter’s eyes.  And to think, he used to be on our side (well, at least in name).

People, now is the time to let your voice be heard.  I get the time thing.  Believe me, I don’t have enough either.  Just ask the guys at PVRC who’ve never seen me at a meeting, but I do what I can.  We all have voices.  Last time I checked we still had that whole 1st amendment going for us.  Let’s take advantage of what we’ve been handed (on a silver platter) by the Dems, and run with it.

Friday night at the annual PVRC Patriot Day Reception, Blair Lee said it best, “Just leave the Democrats alone and they’ll do themselves in every time.” Ain’t that the truth?  But we can’t stop there.  People are pissed, scared, fed up, and looking for the alternative.  That’s us, in case you didn’t know.  As Republican’s, it’s our job to be organized, prepared, and passionate.   Get involved.  Rally up your friends, frenemies, neighbors, family, heck, even your enemies (unless their libs) and get them involved in what’s going on around them, locally.  Get behind Steve Whisler for Baltimore County Councilman, District 1 (and let’s oust Sam Moxley).  Ask DJ Madron, Candidate for District 12A Delegate, what you can do to help.  Tell Al Nalley, Candidate for District 12A Delegate, that you’ll do whatever it takes to get him elected.  And send an email to Bob Ehrlich and let him know that he needs to announce his candidacy for Governor 2010.  Now is the time.  We actually have a shot at this, but it depends on us, no one else, just us.


2 Responses to Take It & Run

  1. David says:

    We are potentially witnessing a major shift in the character of the many conservatives. The “sleeping giant” you reference above is no longer willing to sit back and wait for the paradigm shift. Couldn’t be further from the truth, folks of ALL ages are getting off their collective butts and participating. I am encouraged, but this momentum cannot afford a break, we need to keep the pressure on…

    Good introduction Hillary,



  2. Steve Whisler says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words and support, Hillary! I hope others join me to help restore integrity to the County Council office. We can work together to achieve fiscal responsibility in Towson, focus on priorities, and stop the spending spree that has increased Baltimore County’s debt to nearly $1 billion dollars!!!

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