And This Is Why We Need CHANGE In Baltimore County

I’m slowly losing respect for people up there in Towson, not that I had much to begin with.  My husband and I moved to Catonsville last Summer, and for very specific reasons.  Back in Laurel, we happened to reside in a pretty crappy school district.  Let’s just say our kids were zoned for Meade Middle & High Schools.  Need I say more?  So the school district was a top priority for us.  Most people told us to only look in Howard County.  Um, have you guys seen their property taxes?  Basically I searched every where in the vacinity that was not in Howard, Montgomery or Prince Georges counties.  Considering my husband works in Beltsville, that didn’t leave us with many options.  It basically came down to Severn or Catonsville.  One day is all it took; one day of looking at houses in this area was all it took to absolutely fall in love with this community.  After that I zeroed in on either the Hillcrest or Westchester districts, and eventually we found our way to the Oak Crest neighborhood.

I’m learning that just because I’m all blissed out on my community doesn’t mean it’s the best or most efficient, as seen in my letter to Mr. Moxley earlier today.  In this story from WBAL today, it seems that Baltimore County spent 14 million dollars to renovate Ridgely Middle School in Timonium and left out a slightly important matter, air conditioning.  Granted, I know we had a summer uncharacteristic of most, but aren’t these libs big on the whole global warming trend?.  Shouldn’t AC be top on their list, or maybe their thinking “green” by not having AC.  Maybe the kids can create their own fans in art class and then they don’t need AC.

All this makes me wonder what they’re doing over there at Hillcrest.  At the PVRC Patriot Day reception, I spent a lot of time talking with Allison, whose daughter attends Hillcrest.  You guys better watch out for her.  She means business, fiesty.  I like it.  Anyways, it seems that there are some not so smart, or maybe just lazy people, up there in Towson who would rather throw money at a problem then actually try and fix it.  Instead of rezoning efficiently, let’s just build on an addition that will accommodate the need now, but what about in 5 years?  How long will the band-aid work over the gaping wound?  Will the district suffer in the long run?  Will the level of excellence that inspired us to move here remain the same, or will it decrease due to overcrowding and over the top apathy from school officials?  Just asking a simple question or two.


3 Responses to And This Is Why We Need CHANGE In Baltimore County

  1. David says:

    Hit it on the head, Hillary…

    Local, State and Nationally – expose, educate, organize, protest and remove the maniacs from office.

    2010 – YEAH

  2. Steve says:

    The folks that keep voting same democrats in are amazing. It’s obvious their own party is failing them yet they won’t vote any of them out. I’m not even hoping for them to vote Republican, I’d be shocked if they even supported a different democrat candidate. It’s the same old people election after election. When will the folks in our communities realize that nothing will change if they don’t change their vote!

  3. hills4neil says:

    Honestly Steve, I think people pay very little attention to the local level. They spend their time worrying about who the President will be, and fail to realize that their everyday lives are most impacted by the county council and state delegates.

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