And They Just Keep Coming

Man, it’s like they’re sitting up there in Towson just brainstorming ways to give me ammo.  Thanks to BPSpears (twitter name) and Explore Baltimore County, I just found out that County Councilman for District 4, Ken Oliver‘s daughter (who’s 40) and granddaughter (22) have gotten themselves into a wee bit of trouble with the local law enforcement.  It seems that they were pulled over last night, just seconds from their home, for a burnt out tail light and ended up being arrested for assaulting an officer.  Are you kidding me?  Why would you assault an officer because you got pulled over, especially for something as small as a freaking tail light?

It seems that these officers weren’t aware of just who they were dealing with.  After all, this is Ms. Kelli Oliver, the councilman’s wife.  Seriously?  Nobody cares.  It’s not like your the First Lady, and even if you were, you still don’t deserve special treatment.  Apparently she threatened the officer’s jobs for giving her a ticket. At least now we know where all the good officers go.  They’re let go on the count of what? Doing their job?  I’m sitting here thinking about the audacity of this woman to even think such a thing.  The appropriate response of a civil human being would have been to thank the officers for bringing the matter to her attention, assuming she didn’t know, accepting the ticket with poise and grace, and then thanking the officers for their fine service.  Don’t get into a cat fight with them. Grow up!

Is it too much to ask to elect people who respect the office they hold, the community in which they live, and the laws of their land?  I’m just left shaking my head.  What else can I do?

ABC News Covers Story


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