The Race Card Again? Seriously?

“I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man, that he’s African American,” Carter said. “I live in the South, and I’ve seen the South come a long way and I’ve seen the rest of the country that shared the South’s attitude toward minority groups at that time … and I think it’s bubbled up to the surface, because of a belief among many white people, not just in the South but around the country, that African-Americans are not qualified to lead this great country.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the one, the only, Jimmy Carter.  Now I’m from Georgia, born and raised, so on behalf of the South, I’d like to apologize for the former president’s looney and not even close to being right remarks.  Oh wait, not so much.  I don’t have any more control over what spats out of his mouth as I do over the color of my skin.  I am so sick and tired of being deemed a racist simply because I’m white.  Damn, that’s like me saying that every man out there is a sexist simply because he is a man.  Now I don’t remember this, but it’s possible that God came to me in my mother’s wound and in some sort of amniotic dialogue asked me if I wanted to be a white woman or a black man.  But I’m thinking that is pretty far fetched, even for me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I realize that there are some fringe looneys (apparently my word of the day) out there that somehow think the color of your skin has anything to do with who you are a person.  Sorry, but I’d rather be defined by who I am as a wife, a mom, a believer, a freaking human being, not the fact that my skin in white in the winter and reddish in the summer.

Democratic Governor George Wallace attempting to block integration

Democratic Governor George Wallace attempting to block integration

Yet again the Democrats draw a line in the sand, pull out the racist card and scream “nanny, nanny boo boo” as if to taunt us with their holier than thou attitudes.  Those Republican racists.  Wait a second, folks, let’s take a step back in time for a moment.  Who was is that standing on the stairs of of the University of Alabama in 1963 barring blacks from entering? Oh right, that would be Governor George Wallace, a southern Democrat.  Want to know how the South stayed segregated for so freaking long?  That would be the Democratic party.  Please, someone tell why people forget that.  How did the Democrats become the party for blacks?  And when did we start defining parties by race anyways?  How do we define anything by race?  Like I said, I’m pretty sure we can’t control the pigment of our skin.  Maybe  if libs would stop pulling out the card and waving it around.  Maybe if Republicans would stop living in fear of being called a racist.  Maybe if conservations started talking about empowerment versus entitlement…then we could get past this whole race issue.

Mr. Carter, with all do respect, I disagree whole heartedly with almost all, if not all, of President Obama’s policies, and I can promise it has nothing to do with the fact that he’s black or white.  I wonder though if Carter is quick to call a black person who dislikes Obama a racist as well.  After all, President Obama is half-white as well.


3 Responses to The Race Card Again? Seriously?

  1. 12stepgolf says:

    God bless Michael Steele. He told them that we are not going to be mussled anymore. Oh, my God, isn’t Michael a black man? “How dare us listen to him, don’t those foolish racists see he is a man of color? How dare they listen to a black man, we have the market on blackness in this country.”
    We poor white folk must really be color blind.

  2. hills4neil says:

    Yes, I was so disappointed to see Michael Steele lose. He was such a great candidate, but the libs went after him, calling him an oreo, black on the outside and white on the inside. I’ve heard lots of racist comments in my life, but that one tops them all.

  3. hills4neil says:

    Okay, maybe not all of them.

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