Taking a Moment

Theres a reason those three words are bigger than the rest

Today is Constitution Day.  Honestly, I didn’t know.  Let’s just say I wasn’t so keen on memorizing dates in history class, and like I said, I’m still new to the political spectrum.  It’s never too late though, right?  It is still Constitution Day.  Exactly 222 years ago, 42 of the 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention gathered in Philadelphia to sign the Constitution of these United States of America.  Three delegates declined to signed leaving 39 patriots from 12 of the thirteen colonies (save Rhode Island) who signed this document for which lies the very basis for our independence.

Let’s take a moment to recognize the sacrifices that have been made before and since that day to ensure that our freedom remains in tact, that those 39 signatures were not given in vain.

Now let’s talk about some very important verbage in our Constitution, “WE THE PEOPLE.”  Through out the demonstrations of late, I’ve noticed people coming back to the basics, back to the truth of who really holds the power in this country.  In case you didn’t know, it’s us people.  Granted our founding fathers set up the systems of government that they did because they didn’t exactly trust us, but still, they took a step of faith and turned the American government over to it’s constituents.  Wow, wonder what that would look like if Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid, or really any politician for that matter, had any faith in the very people who put them in office?

Sometimes it’s easy to sit back and wallow in hopelessness, especially as conservatives when liberals are in control both locally and nationally.  But let’s remember this, the American people are not stupid.  When government begins to toy with our God-given, man-protected liberties, we are fully capable of moving mountains.  Take a look at McCain-Kennedy’s illegal immigration legislation.  It was us, we the people, who shot that thing down, dead.  The message was clear then and it’s clear now.  You, Washington, Annapolis, Towson, You work for us and not the other way around.

The grass roots movement in this nation is of untold proportion.  In my lifetime, which hasn’t been that  long, I’ve never witnessed so much passion or fervor erupt in everyday working Americans.  Want to send a huge message to Washington? Want to fully take back the power?  Then unseat every politician in DC, State and local governments.  Let’s show them that they are 100% replaceable.  Serving the American people is a privilege, not a right, and I think it’s about time they start acting like it.  I smell a 1994 coming, a complete overturn of power on all levels, the 4th check and balance mentioned only in the Constitution as “We the people.”  There’s a reason those very words stand out as the largest words on the page, bigger even than the very names of our founding fathers. Reflect on that.


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