My Letter to Elijah Cummings

Okay, I may have fibbed a bit on when he lost my vote, but the overall message is clear…I hope. By the way, you must congratulate me.  This is my first official letter to a US Congressman.  That’s got to tell you something.

Dear Mr. Cummings,

I am citizen of Catonsville, MD, a member of your constituency, and am very disturbed to learn this morning of your vote against the defunding of ACORN. I’m not sure any excuse would suffice, but should be required. I am mother to 3 small children, and to think that my tax dollars have been going to fund a corrupt organization such as this, makes me literally sick to my stomach. We’re new to the Catonsville area and have heard mixed reviews about your representation, but I’ve yet to draw firm conclusions about whether or not you get my vote until now. You may deem this a small matter, insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but what goes on in and around my community is of concern to me. I wish to preserve the integrity of the community for my children and their children. How can I do that when our very own representatives are protecting organizations out the destroy the very foundations this land was built on. You might think I’m blowing this out of proportion, but am I? One of these videos popped up just a few miles away from here. And sure, these people were lowly employees, but as entrepreneur, I know that what comes out, even at the bottom, is a direct result of what goes into the top. Clearly, this is not a good organization with a few bad seems. This is a corrupt organization that is finally starting to reveal it’s true fruit, and thankfully being held accountable for it’s actions. I would appreciate an explanation as to how you could possibly vote the way that you did. I’m thankful that you were on the losing side of that vote, but the point is that you voted against the preservation of your own community. And that, I will never forget.

Your Constituent,

Hillary Pennington

I suggest you write your own if you live in Elijah or Donna Edwards’ districts.  If you would prefer to make a quick phone call, the numbers are:

Elijah Cumming, MD District 7, DC Office: (202) 225-4741

Donna Edwards, MD District 4, DC Office: (202) 225-8699


One Response to My Letter to Elijah Cummings

  1. David says:


    Not that you haven’t been, but you are now clearly a person, citizen and Patriot. Thank you for your service to your surrounding community and without reservation, I can say with confidence…I am proud of your representation…



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