Do Better Than That, Mr. Moxley

Dear Mrs. P,

Thank you for your email.

Last week I contacted The Department of Aging and Recreation and Parks.

The Department of Recreation and Parks will be taking the lead to address the concerns you mentioned.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


Sam Moxley

Well, at least I got a response.  I was pretty sure I never would.  Mr. Moxley, can you please tell me what you said when you contacted these departments? And for that matter, what did they say? Is someone going to contact me directly, or am I supposed to start tracking down so and so over at Parks & Rec until I get a response.  And by the way, it needs to be the response I want.  I’m not sure if it’s a right for my child to pee with dignity, but it should be.   If you have no idea what I’m referring to, please read the post about the park.

As of now, I’m considering this a semi-response.  Now, if in a couple days, I get a reply from someone in Parks & Rec ready and willing to take up my plea, then I am more than willing to give Mr. Moxley the credit he’s due.  Until then, I remain dissatisfied.

Granted, I am a bit biased, considering I’d really like to replace Moxley, not with myself of course, but with Mr. Whisler himself (don’t hold his website against him….we’re still working on it).  Steve Whisler is an active member of our community.  He is the sitting president of the Coalition for the Preservation of SW Baltimore County, an organization poised to do a great deal for Catonsville and it’s surrounding neighbors.  If it wasn’t for him, most of us conservatives would have no voice to speak of in Baltimore County.  He doesn’t just sit back and let those dems bulldoze over us with their big spending and little regard for social liberties.  Steve is a stand up guy and deserving of this seat on the Council, and you guys should do everything in your power to put him there.  Start by attending his Campaign Kick-Off on October 19th at the Candlelight Inn from 6-9 pm.  But come prepared.  Bring either your checkbook or calendar, or both.  Commit. Contribute. Campaign.

Don’t worry Al and DJ, I’m getting to you guys next.


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