A Heckler Arrives and Invigorates

Not a lot of people comment on this blog (and that should change, really), but the few that do (Dave) are typically fellow conservatives, like minded and such.  Honestly, I’ve never really thought of the opposition giving a hoot about what I write. But apparently at least one does.  Today, we received our first heckler, a Mr. or Ms. Kepec, though that’s not a real name.

Wow you know i though you were one of the good conservatives but after reading this you are a worthless peace of trash. you are just a mindless follower.

Thank you, Kepec (Croation for Midget), I’ll be sure to let my kids know that I’m worthless and mindless.  But the “peace” part, I’m a little confused about.  It just doesn’t make a lot of sense.  Am I bringing peace to the trash?  Oh, maybe you meant “piece”…that fits better.  And as for the follower part, I’ve never been one to follow suit, just ask my mom.

Nope, I’m not frazzled by this heckler, I’m intrigued.  What compelled him/her to drop by?  Do I know this person? I’m pretty sure he/she didn’t end up here by accident.  What was it that triggered such a reaction? A smack in the face of truth maybe? I mean, except for the obvious lack of diction, those are some pretty harsh and personally attacking words, deeply rooted in anger and bitterness.

That’s what’s so funny about libs.  They won, right?  They control both houses and the presidency, and still walk around pissed off at the world, or at least conservatives.  Disagree with them and you’re a mindless follower, a worthless “peace” of trash.

Nah, I think we’re on to something.  Not sure what I said to set him/her off like that, but I’m hoping I can do it again.  But Kepec, please, don’t be a coward and hide behind some fake name.  Any and all commenters that are too scared to use their real name will have their comments revoked.  I just don’t like to encourage craveness, though, Kepec, you’re first comment can stay.  It’s like a memorial stone of sorts.


One Response to A Heckler Arrives and Invigorates

  1. David says:

    LOL, Certainly proper grammar plays NO part in the ‘blogosphere’ or the ‘internets’ for that matter…I have witnessed more disregard for the written language out here, maybe even more than the senseless points that many try to make when using the medium.
    “This ain’t no classroom”, they might say…but if you can learn to disregard all of this…there are in fact lessons to be learned, or at the very least learn a bit about our “bl-enemies” (I like to make words up)


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