Steamrolling Healthcare Right Down Our Throats

If Harry Reid follows through with his threat to use the “nuclear option,” aka reconciliation, to ram healthcare through despite opposition, all I can say is “I told you so.”   That’s what happens when the balance of power gets off.  Seriously? What do you expect from a democratically ran House, Senate, and Presidency?  For now, the Republicans are basically seat fillers, lame ducks.  All they can do is speak loudly and make sure they’re heard by the American people.  If Reid wants to push this through, there is absolutely nothing we can do to stop him.  But Harry needs to understand something about the very public he represents.  We’re not dumb and we won’t be railroaded.  If they move forward, they will pay, and come 2010, they won’t be sitting so high and mighty.

As evidenced in the Tea Parties, that the Dems chalk up to a few unpatriotic loonballs, the Town Hall Meetings, and the outcries of social media, we will not go down quietly.  We need to send a message, not to the Dems (believe me, they hear us) but to the Republicans.  “We’ve got your back. Don’t give up.”  It’s important for us to let them know that we’re with them; can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched them throw each other under the bus to cater to the liberals and their media.  Seriously folks inside the Beltway, hold it together.  Move right, far right.  Stand up for us, for the very values that got you elected.  Stand your ground, and for goodness sake, stop selling us out.  Bickering amongst yourselves or pandering to the Pelosi’s of this world will only invigorate your opponents.  Haven’t we learned by now that appeasement gets us nowhere?

People, please believe me when I say this: Now is not the time for complacency.  It’s not the time to let someone else do the work.  We need to unite together as conservatives.  We need to speak in one clear voice.  Let the grassroots movement become a resounding gong throughout this great nation, and let it begin on the local level.  We’ll never fully make an impact as long as our cities, counties, and states are cluttered up with apathy, corruption, and inefficiency.


One Response to Steamrolling Healthcare Right Down Our Throats

  1. David says:

    To your point…follow me for a second…

    President—>Senate—>US House of Rep—>Governor—>State Senate–>State House —> County Exec —>County Council—> SW BALTIMORE COUNTY

    There is nothing between YOU (US) and the President of the United States that will represent the conservative base. Either, Dem, Republican or Independent, this is NOT just DEEP Blue there is not a hint of purple in there.

    We are in a situation that will require capturing the attention of the ‘complacent’ VOTER…This is our job…You and I. In order to restore any sense of balance, wait, wait…In order to provide an attempt at a responsible ‘Check and Balance’, to the already existing ‘liberal quorum’, we need active conservatives! Not just at the polls…we need your help folks. I have spoken to Dems that are a bit concerned that we’ve allowed the “Fox in charge of the hen house”…Pretty telling huh?

    Lets get of our duffs, and get to work folks!

    Sorry got a bit off topic, but I was on a roll….

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