Credit Where Credit is Due

In my last rant concerning the park and Councilman Moxley, I said that if he made more progress towards a resolution in the matter that I would give due credit.  I am a woman of my word, so here it goes.

Today I received an email from Mr. Moxley following up on his previous email.

Dear Mrs. P,

Today, I put in a follow-up inquiry to Baltimore County’s Department of Recreation and Parks to make sure they are working to resolve the concerns you raised.  If you recall from last week, R&P was going to handle the bathroom and water fountain issues.

When I get a report back, I will pass it along.

Also, could you provide me with your address and contact number for my file?


Sam Moxley

Councilman, First District

Honestly I’m pretty impressed that he followed up.  Granted it’s not the solution I want, but then again, maybe it’s not really his job to bring the solution.  So the fact that he’s put in two requests now says to me that he’s trying, and for that I am very appreciative.

Thank you, Mr. Moxley, for the correspondence.  I sincerely hope that with these inquiries comes bathrooms that are open to the public and a water fountain that works.  Really, that’s all I want.

I am wondering, though, if someone told Sam about my previous post…just a question.


One Response to Credit Where Credit is Due

  1. David says:

    My opinion, is that Councilman Moxley, is in fact an honest person and I expected that he would follow up, and with this, he has exceeded my expectations. Kudos!

    However jaded my opinion may be politically, this effort put forth by Sam, would have been responded to by as a passing attempt to appease.

    As to your question relating to he being informed…Whatever produces results!

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