Did You Guys Know This?

I didn’t know this, did you?  Chris Cavey, pondering a state post with the Maryland Republican Party?  Now, I don’t know much about Chris, definitely heard good things, but really don’t know the guy.  But from what I hear (combined with the super bonus that he’s from right here in Baltimore County), he’s a stand up guy.

I told you guys I was new to this whole political thing, but from what I’ve gathered in the few short months that I’ve been involved, the state party could use some help.  It’s bad enough that we’re drowning in a sea of libs, but to have our own party tied to the anchor at the bottom of the sea, dragging us down, that’s just not cool.

Dave made a comment yesterday that from the top down, at least where we live, there is not one single Republican in the chain to support.  I did know that by the way.  My point was that we need to encourage the ones that are in office, whether or not they reside in the state of Maryland or not.  But I agree with him that the grassroots movement is up to us.  We have to encourage one another, rally up the troops, do our best to get the truth out there.  It is really sad though, as a side note, that there is not one person representing me in DC or Annapolis that is on my side…not one.

If Chris Cavey, Chairman of Baltimore’s County Central Committee, does in fact take over, our job is to support him in however we can.  Granted, at this time, he’s still mulling over the idea.  Maybe we should be nudging him the right direction.

Bryan Spears reports, “I honestly don’t know right now,” said Cavey, who is also the 1st Vice President for the GOP in Maryland.  “I need some time to think about it. It could be fun. I just have to see.”  Well Mr. Cavey, you got my vote (not that I get one) but still.

Oh and maybe when you get there you can look at rethinking how you guys fundraise.  It’s great that people like me, who can’t afford to attend events with the big, special people, can still contribute with our time and buckaroos here and there, but it kind of sucks to be bombarded by phone, email and snail mail every five seconds for another five bucks (and still not get to attend the events with the big, special people). Just my two cents.

By the way, love Michael Steele, totally wish we had him instead of Cardin.


4 Responses to Did You Guys Know This?

  1. Chris Cavey says:

    Thank you for the kind words.

    PVRC has always been a shining star in the world of Republican clubs. SW Baltimore County is an opportunity for us to post a few new Republicans in elected office in the coming election. You are generating good candidates and have a fantastic overall organization.

    MDGOP could take a lesson from PVRC!

  2. David says:

    My response to “Strange Bedfellows” @bpsears…

    IMHO, Chris Cavey is more than capable in filling the void left in the State Party. That being said, the commitment, huge as it is, will require whomever wins, requires laser focus on reparations through fund raising efforts. Restoring a viable Party Office is pivotal, especially now there seems to be a momentum not seen in this state for many a year. Good Luck to All whom seek this office.

    In addition to your comments Hillary, although I do not have a vote, he has my support!

  3. Leslie says:

    The state party would indeed be fortunate to gain someone of the caliber of Chris Cavey. Hillary, I believe I knocked on your door with a FREE ticket to see Newt Gingrich, albeit at the very last minute!

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