Leave Them Kids Alone

Yes, it seems like I am on a movie and music kick.  I can’t help it, they just pop into my head.

Today’s rant is deeply connected to the mere fact that I AM A MOM.  What is our world coming to when moms can be charged for making sure our kids get on the bus safely.  Seriously!  I am not joking.  Apparently, in some places, it’s against the law to routinely watch another person’s child, unrelated of course, for longer than a four week stretch (and I don’t mean 24/7).  So this mom, Francie, in Michigan is facing fine and/or jail time for being a good neighbor?  Honestly, why am I not that surprised? Granted, I realize this is in Michigan, but Maryland is far more liberal (oh and this has liberal written all over it).  Do you see where I’m going with this?  How long will it be before I’m turned in for running a brothel or something, just because I host a mom’s group at my house?  Speaking of, who would file a complaint against this mom, for running an “illegal day care?”  If I were Francie, I’d be taking names.

To me, this is just another example of how the government feels like it’s a better parent than actual parents.  I’m serious.  Politicians feel like we’re too stupid to figure out parenthood on our own.  That’s also why liberals can’t stand stay at home moms.  Why should you raise your own kids?  The nanny state can do that for you.  Kudos to Rep. Brian Calley, R-Portland (MI), for stepping up to the plate and attempting to change the idiotic law that would seek to punish good citizens for being good neighbors. Maybe we should all write him a note of encouragement for being a stand up guy.

Did you guys see this?  It seems that pepping up the crowd and intimidating your opponents with scripture is also illegal, and apparently controversial.  Forget freedom of speech or freedom or expression…nope, clearly these cheerleaders are attempting to convert the football stadium to Christianity.  In fact, it’s a plot to indoctrinate the whole nation by using peppy girls in short skirts to sell the message of Christ’s love.  Have these people ever heard of an extreme?  Can there not be any mention of God at all anymore?  A sign at a pep rally, clearly meant for good, is not violating the separation of church and state (which is an entire other blog post).  I promise that Obama himself is not going to show up a Lakeview Fort Oglethope game and declare that all people must profess Christianity or else.  Really, that’s just laughable.  

These people who make it a point in life to complain about every mention or display of anything closely resembling a faith in God are afraid.  Of what, I have no idea.  But really, they have to be.  Why else would even the smallest gesture send them into a tailspin?  What is so bad about Timothy 1:7? “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline.”  I’m thinking if I were the mom of a highschooler (and relatively soon, I will be), I’d like for them to possess those attributes.  I don’t know many teenagers that do.  Then again, maybe that’s the problem.

Of course, if it were up to our government to raise our kids, they’d all end up like this. “Um, Um, Um Barack Hussein Obama”…kind of catchy actually. Do you see now why we need to wake up? Moms, please, for the love of your children, get involved.  Start local and go deep!


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