Students Praising Obama in Columbia, MD

I guess it’s one thing when it’s happening in New Jersey, but right here in Maryland?  Not exactly sure why I’m surprised.  This is Maryland after all.  Up to this point, I haven’t paid much attention to what goes on in the school system.  My kids aren’t there yet, but then I realize…Owen will be in Kindergarten next year.  And so help me if someone thinks they are going to force my child to sing praises to anyone, much less an elected official.  This is out right propaganda.

It seems that Laurel Marsh, assistant principal at Longfellow Elementary, thinks it’s appropriate for first graders to sing a hymn of praise to Obama.  What is he?  A god?  No, because then they wouldn’t be allowed to speak him name, much less sing songs.

I respect that he’s my president, I do.  I didn’t vote for him, and I certainly don’t like his policies, but I respect the position of the president.  But to indoctrinate our children?  I’m not on board with that.  And to be frank, I wouldn’t be even if it was a republican in office.  Last time I checked, we still live in a democracy, right?

Will they be singing this song every morning after the Pledge of Allegiance?  Or maybe we should just throw out the pledge and do this instead.  Why not throw the baby out with the bath water?

Here’s the Song: Tell me what you think.


President Obama,

President Obama,

President Obama,

President Obama–He says

Yes we can!

President Obama–We say

Yes we can!

President Obama–I say

Yes I can!

President Obama–He says

Yes we can!

Barack Obama–Oh yes he rates,

The first Black President in the United States!

He’s smart and he’s–so so good!

He’ll lead this country as he should!

He wants us all to work together,

To make this country even better!

Prez’ Obama says–“Yes We Can!”

Make the US better–hand in hand!


President Obama,

President Obama,

President Obama


Longfellow Elementary Phone Number: 410-313-6879


4 Responses to Students Praising Obama in Columbia, MD

  1. David says:

    Here is a copy of my email to one Ms Marsh…I tried to be as respectful as I possibly could, and a damn fine job if you ask me…

  2. Rick says:

    While I do agree with a great deal of your views, I wanted to interject a note of fairness.

    The assistant principal at Longfellow Elementary was promoted to that position over the summer. The song in praise was initiated last year, and Miss Marsh was at another school. She is in the unfortunate position of being the face put in front of this contoversy. In fact I admire Mis Marsh for not passing the buck, and answering the parents email questions honestly.

    This has had a serious personal affect on Miss Marsh, and has led to threats and hatred over something she was not even apart of.

    Just trying to be fair
    Thank You

  3. hills4neil says:

    Rick, I appreciate being fair. I realize that Miss Marsh, herself, is not out to indoctrinate children and turn them into Obama worshippers. I apologize if I came across as blaming her per say. She just happened to be the contact person who was “implicated” in the emails from the parent.

    I would never advocate that someone personally attack Ms. Marsh. That is uncalled for and completely unacceptable. I’m disturbed to hear that she is receiving such threats. I only read Dave’s email and thought it was very well thought out.

    The point is that, as parents, we have the right to speak, but we don’t have the right to attack. I realize it’s not her fault, and though it’s her job to listen to the concerns of parents and field those concerns to the appropriate people, it is not her job to be berated.

    I’m appalled at how much hatred there is out in the world. Why does everything have to be so driven by uncontrollable passion? Don’t people know that the only thing such actions gets us is a bad reputation and a few less votes?

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I’ve removed the email address for Ms. Marsh. I’ll leave up the phone number for the school, and if people would like to voice their concerns, they may do so to the school and not Ms. Marsh personally.


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