Can’t We All Just Get Along?

I’m not trying to advocate world peace or anything, though if it were possible, would be a great thing.  No, I’m just suggesting that we put aside petty bickering and do something.  Granted, there are sides, parties, affiliations, denominations, all around differences in this world.  That’s what makes life so interesting, invigorating, worth getting up in the morning.  If we were all the same, imagine how bored we’d all be.  I mean, where’s the fun in that? Differences are what make us unique, and should be celebrated, not pinpointed as a platform for bitterness and division.

It’s one thing to claim a spot on the right or the left, to represent one party or another.  But let’s keep in mind that the other side is not always the enemy.  They’re just people with different view points (that I don’t understand, but not the point), a vision for this country contrary to ours.  Of course, they’re are certain Dems that may not have America’s best interests at heart, but even I need to be careful not to polarize the conversation in such a way as to assume all liberals are out to bring down this country.

It’s another thing, however, to bicker amongst ourselves.  As Republicans, we should know what our foundation is, what are values are, and we should come together underneath one banner.  Nothing ticks me off more than sitting around listening to a bunch of like-minded human beings going back and forth over the tiniest of internal issues.  Seriously, how does this help the end game?  What benefit does it have to us, to our country?  We’re in the middle of chaotic and uncertain time that, quite frankly, concerns me and begs the question, what will be left of the America I knew when my kids grow up?  Heck, what’s left of it now?

My pastor said tonight “if we really want to see change, we must be intentional.”  I know what that means spiritually, but what does it mean politically?  What does it mean to be intentional? And what kind of change would that bring? I’ve been racking my brain for the last few hours, and I keep coming back to involvement, unity, and community.  We need to be involved, in our neighborhoods, in our communities, in our schools, and in our religious organizations.  It’s not acceptable to be blissfully ignorant anymore.  It’s just not.  While we immerse ourselves in pop culture and “fast food” lifestyles, our children’s dreams are literally melting away before our closed lids.  It’s time to wake up, smell the stench of socialism and government take over.  It’s time to step up to the plate, to ask, “what can I do?”

What can you do?  Unite! Join a club (I hear PVRC is a good one), go to PTA, county council, and/or neighborhood association meetings.  You have a voice, use it.  If we just show up and press a name on a voting machine every few years, what difference will we really make?  Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to vote, but what are you doing in the mean time to turn this gigantic ship around?  It’s not going to turn itself.  Unite! Send emails, make phone calls, blog, facebook, write letters, communicate with others around you.  And for goodness sake, let’s “major on the majors and minor on the minors.”  Sometimes it’s okay to put aside a minor issue so you can stand in unison and make your voice even louder.  Unite!

Unity brings community.  And people, we should be good citizens.  It’s not enough to preach about entitlement, we must bring empowerment.  We have to get out there, take care of the widows and orphans, teach them how to care for themselves as well.  It’s not enough to reveal the power plays of Democrats.  We have to reveal the truth about what our policies mean to the community.  Empowerment brings freedom.  I don’t hear many of us speaking to that end.  We can no longer ignore the unsocialized in our society.  We got to spend time with everyone in our community, even those that are different from us.  And I’m not talking about a couple cans to a food bank or even volunteering at a soup kitchen.

It’s time for Republicans to step out in confidence, as opposed to cowering for fear of being called a racist.  Race has nothing to do with it.  Oppression, maybe, as Democrats depend on the oppression of the poor to  stay in power.  But it’s not race as much as poverty or class.  I don’t have all the answers.  Remember, I’m new to all of this political stuff, so I’ll leave the how up to the politicians.  But as a citizen, I can do my part.  I can get involved.  I can put aside my differences and focus on the goal.  I can do my part to build this community.

Now it’s your turn.


One Response to Can’t We All Just Get Along?

  1. Strong view. Right direction. A right and power we the people have obtained through many battles our forefathers who kept the faith have won to assure our freedom. It is clear that many who are patriotic for this nation will not be patriotic for the God who gave us this nation, and there lies the stumbling block. A nation divided will fall. So, what is one to do in a divided nation, since it is written that a nation divided will fall? This is the answer, We must pull the plank from our own eye before we can pull the speck from our neighbors eye. You say how do we do that? God, the founder of the Universe and the creator of the very land we stand on, said this; if my people will turn from there wicked ways (not republicans, democrats or libertarians, etc.) but MY PEOPLE (from every denomination and/or political party) will turn from there wickd ways, He will heal there land. And because His people chose to do this first and foremost, He will do what He said He will do. That which is impossible for man to do. Unite a people likeminded even if they are the minority to become the leaders of the majority. One righteous man could set 1,000 unrighteous men to flight, two righteous men could set 10,000 unrightous men to flight. Everyone who is crooked, a deciever will be found out, no matter what political party they belong to. The amount of corruption that is in the parties today (in a world where even a hint of immorality will cripple a man to say the least a nation) begs for righteousness and justice. But, we can not get there those who love liberty an justice for all, until we find obedience and repentance in ourselves. Then and only then will the God of the universe heal your land. If all the unrigheous men and women united likeminded, will you have peace? It is time that we who are righteous by the blood of Jesus to take responsibility to show the standards in morals and ethics to a nation and a world dying from sin. ~Peace to the peacemakers~

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