Hoping to Not Negate My Previous Post

A reader brought to my attention an unfortunate and inappropriate response to the Longfellow Obama song scandal of late.  It seems that some people out there, apparently on our side, have decided that to respond to said controversy by personally attacking and even threatening Ms. Marsh, assistant principal at Longfellow Elementary.

You can read the comments from the post, including my response, but I felt like it should be addressed and deserved it’s very own post.  I’m hoping that none of our readers sent hate email to Ms. Marsh.  If you did, you completely missed the point and an incredible opportunity to actually use your voice in a productive manor.

It is never okay to threaten people.  It is never okay to resort to name calling and stupidity.  What are we, 5?  You don’t know what Ms. Marsh’s political views are, or even where she stands on this particular issue.  It’s not her fault that the these first graders are singing Obama’s praises.  She just happened to be “implicated” in published emails from a concerned parent.  Her job is to listen to parent’s concerns and field them correctly.  It is not her job to be berated, insulted, and certainly not threatened.  Such behavior is not only a slap in the face of decency, but it also does nothing to further any agenda.

We can not go into an election year fueled by hatred.  It will do nothing but destroy us from the inside out.  I don’t know about you, but I am not a staunch conservative because I hate Obama.  In fact, he has very little to do with why I chose to invest my time in politics.

In 2006, the Republican party took a huge blow to it’s ego and it’s numbers.  Can I just say that it wasn’t just the Democrats hatred of Bush that did us in?  No, we imploded.  We did that to ourselves.  Whether it was the far right chosing to stay home or the middle ground switching to the other side, it was us fed up with us that led to us waking up that Wednesday morning hearing those infamous and frightening words, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Do we really want to win an election on hatred?  Wouldn’t it be better to know that we won based on our values, our integrity, our policies?  I know I would sleep better at night knowing that we chose the right candidates, we delivered the right message.  It’s your choice.  You can spend the next 13 months spewing the fire or you can jump on a grass roots movement based on truth, intelligence, and character.


9 Responses to Hoping to Not Negate My Previous Post

  1. jonolan says:

    Actually, you can do whatever is necessary to win, and by winning save America for our children, or you can limit yourself and your efforts.

    Sometimes it’s not about the right candidate or the right message; it’s about removing the wrong ones.

    We as a nation no longer have the luxury of placing ourselves in a situation where after the elections we can just shrug and say, “Oh well; I tried as best as as I could within my personal convictions.”

    • hills4neil says:

      So you think it was okay for people to personally attack Ms. Marsh?

    • jonolan says:

      Since Ms. Marsh was only marginally culpable for the atrocity, I think such attacks should have been limited to her allowing it to continue on her watch and then only if it can be shown that she had prior knowledge of the practice – a fact or falsehood that I do not know at this time.

      Still, if such attacks end the sickening practice, I’m satisfied with the result and the cost thereof.

      I’d much prefer that the attacks be leveled against whoever started this heinous practice in the first place. That person or persons needs to harried and hounded until they are no longer in a position to ever do such a thing again.

  2. hills4neil says:

    Honestly, I’m really glad I didn’t meet you first. I would have never gotten involved. I don’t want to stoop to some level where I fail to recognize myself in the mirror each morning, where I’m driven by a whatever-it-takes mentality, no matter what the costs. You do what you need to, but I’d rather lose & maintain my character, then win and live with my conscience. Seriously, if we’re a country without integrity, then what is left of America to save?

    • jonolan says:

      I don’t want to stoop to some level where I fail to recognize myself in the mirror each morning either, but I’m willing to do so to protect those who will come after me.

      You see, I’d rather win, when winning is preserving America for the next generation, and lose my character, then lose and have to explain to the children why I didn’t do what was necessary.

      “Seriously, if we’re a country without integrity, then what is left of America to save?”

      We obviously have different definitions of integrity. I don’t find courting defeat to be an example of it and you don’t don’t find doing whatever is necessary to win to be so.

      But…I’d prefer to recreate an America where those like myself were no longer needed and had no place therein.

  3. David says:

    In my opinion, Ms Marsh actually thought it was a good idea to ‘personalize’ the issue in the first place. I certainly wouldn’t go so far as to attack her without provocation, however, she attacked the most innocent of innocent. Maybe she doesn’t realize the impact one brings when addressing young impressionable youth. Her actions were ‘just wrong’. If she received emails and has been threatened, then they should be handled appropriately.

    As for a “what it takes approach to win”, I would say. “within reason”…If all we do is call to question her ‘integrity’ towards the issue which she frankly opened up, then I think all fair in love an war.
    I personally sent her a message, and to paraphrase, simply asked the question that everyone else wants to know, “What makes you think this approach is even remotely acceptable?”, I have yet to receive a response.

    She is NOT running for office, so in that, a public flog via the blog isn’t what I would call evil or even off the table. However, personal threat to her is undoubtedly off the mark and shouldn’t be tolerated or even considered. To be frank, constructive communication is what I was looking for, not a means to ‘attack’ or frighten…

  4. mlopez says:

    It is never acceptable to threaten another in order to win an election. To do so reduces Americans to the lowest class imaginable. Elections are about removing the wrong person and electing the right one in his/her place. That’s all.

    Integrity means doing the right thing.

    The reality is that when we elect who we think is the right one, we won’t know for sure until that person takes office and the voters see the true colors of the person they elected. Then we can exercise our right to vote by keeping the right person in office or voting the wrong one out.

    The idea that it is okay to do whatever it takes is ludicrous. It’s that kind of thinking that gave us some of the leaders we have today. Here’s an idea, try teaching your children what integrity really means and what a well-run government is like, then let them make their own decisions.

    Meanwhile, don’t taint elections with your vote.

    • jonolan says:


      Yes; integrity means doing the right thing, which includes putting one’s own comfort and self-respect aside when necessary in order to maximize the odds of defeating the enemy – when that enemy is, as are the followers of Obama, a threat to our children’s future.

      One thing though – I don’t even tell the enemy not to vote, much less someone who’d likely vote against the same politician or law as I would. Obviously, in your personal case, things have already been reduced to the lowest class imaginable.

  5. David says:

    mlopez, We are in total agreement, with a caveat. (sorry) Have you witnessed integrity in politics ever? The unfortunate thing is that there are good people and politicians. Until there are good politicians that are people, we will find it hard to find a ‘playing field’ that is just.

    So, to make the observation that, “…it’s ludicrous”, isn’t that a bit naive?

    Would love to live in a ‘world’ where all people can properly execute a ‘vote’ for a candidate that they believe is the ‘right’ person with the intention to remove the ‘wrong’ person. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world.

    The bottomline, money wins elections, people don’t. And that’s a SAD reality.

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