PVRC & Whisler Break It Down at WPCRO Fundraiser

I know I say it a lot.  I’m a newby, and when people ask me about the harshness of politics, I say, “what are you ta

lking about? It’s one great thing after another.”  Now this perspective might change when I’m in the thick of a campaign, but for now, I’m super excited about the opportunities I have to make a difference.

Last night, several of us gathered around a couple tables at the Arbutus Town Hall to raise some fundage for the

Wilkens Police and Community Relations Orgranization.  Steve Whisler, candidate for Baltimore County Council, bought a couple tables and invited us all to come.  To be honest, I had no idea what to expect.  The theme…D

isco Fever.  I assumed this meant we were all supposed to dig out our go-go boots (only I couldn’t dig them out because I wasn’t around much in the 70’s) and bell bottoms and go to town.  I did the best I could pulling together random pieces from the Goodwill, which totally brough back memories from college theme parties.  Allison and I showed up ready for a disco and quickly realized we were a little over-costumed.  No worried though, we still had a great time


The room was filled with all sorts of people, mostly much older than us, but of all shapes and sizes, democrats and republicans.  I will stop for a second and say who notably wasn’t there, Jim Malone.  I’m pretty sure he was suppo

sed to be there considering one of the “village people” was sporting a mask of Malone’s face.  I’m sure he had a good excuse though, as did Sam Moxley, current County Councilman, but I’m just noting that he was not in attendance.  While I’m at it, I must also point out that the table of District 12A representatives looked 100% bored out of their minds.  It was quite apparent that they didn’t want to be there, so it wasn’t a surprise that they left early.

At Steve’s table though, it was an entirely different story.  We danced, and I didn’t even have enough to drink for th

at, but yet, we danced all night long (Thanks Allison).  Literally, we were the last ones to leave just after midnight, and we had a blast.  I never thought I could have so much fun on so little beer, surrounded by people much older than myself.  And we were supporting a great cause.  See why I’m digging this new scene?

Steve won the dance contest, which for his sake, was based on how much mulaah was in his apron, and not his skills on the dance floor.  Not to mention, the man was also a certain navyman in the “Village People.”  Allison won a door prize.  Leslie was a little tipsy and absolutely hilarious.  Susan was unrecognizable.  Mike and Ree almost had their third dance in nearly 20 years (well not quite “almost”).  Andy shared his Jack.  Allison and I were photographed by a local reporter. (Keep a lookout for the Arbutus & Catonsville Times this week) Nancy broke it down on the dance floor.  And Anthony lended his support to the “apron.”

Allison, Susan (unrecognizable) and Me

Allison, Susan (unrecognizable) and Me

All in all, good times were had by all.  Bet you wished you were there.  Don’t sweat it.  There will be plenty of other opportunities.  I promise.  Just look for posts titled, “GET INVOLED.”  I sense a theme in my blogs, do you?


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