Press Release: Whisler is in!

While you’re reading, check out Steve’s interview on WBAL radio news this morning. Great Job, Steve.

Steve Whisler Enters the Baltimore County Council Race

Catonsville, MD | October 5, 2009

Earlier today, Steve visited the Baltimore County Board of Elections and filed paperwork to seek the Baltimore County Council seat currently held by Sam Moxley.

Over the past decade, Steve has worked with community organizations and elected officials to preserve and improve southwest Baltimore County neighborhoods and businesses. He has earned the trust and respect of his neighbors and colleagues in the region, being elected as president of the Westview Park community, one of the area’s largest, and The Coalition for the Preservation of Southwest Baltimore County.

His plan is simple – address traffic congestion, reduce overcrowding in schools, preserve open space, and remove barriers that prevent the county from serving constituents effectively. He has a vision to improve the Lansdowne, Arbutus, and Catonsville business districts, enhance economic development, and create stable jobs in the community.

It is important to restore fiscal responsibility and accountability to Baltimore County. Steve will make sure that a greater percentage of the education budget reaches the classroom directly. In addition, he will do what it takes to reduce costs, eliminate wasteful spending, and implement much-needed reforms of county contracting processes.

If elected, Steve will send a strong message that illegal immigrants are not welcome in Baltimore County. He will work to support their deportation and eliminate policies and funding for programs that attract illegals to our region. He will also ensure that law enforcement has ample resources and authority to remove 26 known gangs in our county, many of which are tied to illegal immigrants.

Steve aims to stop irresponsible spending that has left the county with nearly one billion dollars of debt and a tremendous burden on future generations. Incumbents have neglected county retirees, allowing their pension plan funding level to fall about 25% since 2000, all the while requiring existing county employees to increase their contributions to the plan by nearly five-fold.

We invite the public to attend Steve’s formal candidacy announcement on Monday, October 19, 2009, from 6pm to 9pm at The Candle Light Inn, which is located at 1835 Frederick Road in Catonsville.

Come see why Steve Whisler should be our next County Councilman!


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