Nobel Peace What?

I know this is practically old news, but my Friday got away from me before I could post anything.  Let me just tell you my first reaction to the news: I seriously thought it was a joke.  No, really, I saw something on Twitter about Obama and the peace prize and I thought it was the punchline to a corny joke.  It wasn’t until I tuned into WBAL radio that I found out it was indeed true. 

Carter, Gore, and now Obama? It’s official.  I now put the Nobel Peace Prize in the same category as the UN, completely useless.  It’s comical really, and not just to the extremist right wing conservatives.  The more I tuned into the media Friday, the more I found that the entire world, literally, was laughing at our President.  Seriously, laughing.  First the Olympic Committee and now this; I’m starting the think there is a plot to humiliate the President, and it’s not even us doing it.  I might not agree with the man on any level, except that dogs are better pets than cats, but he still represents the very image of the United States.  If they’re laughing at him, internationally at least, they’re laughing at us.  Am I alone in thinking that it’s one thing for me to criticize my President; it’s another thing entirely for others outside my country to do so?  Sort of like how my boys can pick on my daughter all day long, but I rue the day that someone else even attempts to pull on her piggy tails, you know? 

In a way, I’m laughing right along with them, and then again, I’m conflicted.  Am I so bitter that I’m willing to let the international community completely humiliate the very office of the President, though 53 millions American’s sort of did that on their own last November?  See my internal conflict?

You might ask what the Olympic failure and the peace prize have in common?  Wouldn’t the President’s ego be boosted by such a learned accomplishment?  I don’t know?  Turning down Chicago was a flat out slap in the face to the President and his First Lady.  The peace prize was a bit more covert.  Give him this huge honor, one we know he doesn’t deserve (at least not for anything remotely related to peace) and watch his ego soar to record levels.  Watch, I bet accepting this award emboldens him in his pursuits of socialism and state controlled fill-in-the-blank. The problem is that the very board that decides who gets the prestigious award is made up of people who value the same things Obama does, taking from those who work and giving it to those who don’t.  It’s not a coincidence that when they choose American’s, they choose leftist extremists who loathe the very democracy they were elected to represent and defend. 

Did you hear their reasoning for chosing Barack Obama? “For his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”   Apparently being elected President of the United States on little to no experience or credentials now qualifies as efforts in diplomacy.  Oh wait, there was the speech he made at the UN calling for nuclear disarmament for all nations (I’m not giving up my nukes without a fight).  Once again, though, a beautiful, eloquent, well written (though not by him) speech.  Tell me what he’s DONE, people!  Considering the fact that he was most likely nominated a few days into his presidency (nominations due by February 1st), seriously, tell me what he’s done.


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