Breaking News: Chris Cavey is In

I’m sort of in a hurry today…too much on my task list, but I wanted to drop in and give you the official word.  Chris Cavey officially announced his run for State Party Chairman.  Since I am low on time, I thought it best to hear this from Ann Miller over at the Examiner.Com.  Trust me; this is good news for the Maryland State Gop.

Chris Cavey, Chairman of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee, announced at the committee’s monthly meeting last night that his campaign for State Party Chairman officially would begin today. Mr. Cavey received overwhelming support from his committee at the expected announcement.

Since the resignation of Chairman Jim Pelura from the state post, which will be effective as of the upcoming November 14 State Party Convention, Mr. Cavey has been leading an effort to raise funds for the party . In just four weeks, Cavey and other party leaders have managed to raise $42,000 towards paying the party’s most pressing bills, negotiate a reduced rent for party headquarters in Annapolis, and generate hope in the party’s future prospects.

The Baltimore County Republican Party is viewed around the state as one of the counties to watch. Under Cavey’s leadership, the county party initiated a countywide Door To Door Program in 2008 which has served as a model around the state. It also hosted Senator John McCain for its Lincoln Day Dinner last year. It opened a headquarters for the first time in 14 years in 2006. It was the 2004 County of the Year and 2005 Highest Voter Registration County. Additionally, Baltimore County is a pivotal state in prospects of Republican victory in 2010. Mr. Cavey said, “I feel I can lead the state to the same level of successes we have experienced in Baltimore County over the past seven years.”

Other candidates are expected to run for the post. Audrey Scott is a former Bowie Mayor, former Prince George’s County Councilman, and served as Secretary of Planning under Governor Ehrlich. Daniel Vovak, also known as “The Whig Man”, is a movie and book producer, the youngest candidate in history for President of the United States, and has unsuccessfully run for U.S. Senate in Maryland and Illinois.

Party members are expected to elect a new chairman at the convention. Mr. Cavey currently holds the position of First Vice Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party, in addition to his chairmanship of the county party. In this role, he would automatically become the interim State Party Chairman if a new one is not elected at the convention. Per bylaws, this scenario would require the party to hold another convention within 60 days of Jim Pelura’s resignation for the purpose of electing a new chairman.

Should Mr. Cavey be successful in his run for State Party Chairman, the Baltimore County Party will then face appointing a replacement leader in time for mid-term election campaigns.


2 Responses to Breaking News: Chris Cavey is In

  1. Polprav says:

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  2. Baldy says:

    From Wigman’s campaign for the Senate:

    Pluto is a planet

    OUTER SPACE – Daniel “The Wig Man” Vovak, 34, has flipped his wig over learning Pluto has been declassified as a planet. Vovak, who expects to become America’s youngest U.S. Senator, was appalled by the recent decision by the narrow-brained International Astronomical Union. Vovak, a Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Maryland, has declared his first federal bill will be to eliminate funding for any group who believes Pluto should be declassified as a planet.

    “An object with a moon is certainly a planet,” said Vovak. “Does the International Astronomical Union believe a planet should only be recognized according to its size? Small planets should not be discriminated against because they chose to associate with objects of different shapes and colors. Plus, 424 arbitrary astronomers do not speak for 10,000. Any school child will tell you Pluto is a planet. I encourage all teachers to actively lobby their students to save Pluto from becoming a mere asteroid.”

    Vovak encourages school children to send him letters to submit to Congress, keeping Pluto as a planet:

    Daniel “The Wig Man” Vovak
    451 Hungerford Dr 119-112
    Rockville MD 20850

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