This Is What Happens…

When we allow liberals to take over, especially in the school system.  Matthew Whalen, a 17 year old eagle scout and senior at Lansingburgh High School in Troy, NY, probably never thought that his “always be prepared” motto would land him in a great heap of trouble.  Apparently, school officials felt like Whalen posed a threat by keeping a pocket knife in a locked car on school premises, so they kicked him out (at least for the next 20 days).  Do you have idea what any suspension would do to a high school senior, much less a 20 day suspension?  This is not some hoodlum, or rebel without a cause.  He’s a good student, an eagle scout for goodness sakes.  He’s probably had to endure his share of ridicule simply because of his very “scoutdom.”  It’s not like it’s a popular trade these days.

Matthew has his heart set on Westpoint.  Thankfully, they’re not as retarded at these local school officials up there in Troy, NY, as they’ve said that this alone will not disqualify him from acceptance into the program in the fall.  But what will this suspension do to his academic endeavors?  Last time I checked, out of school suspension meant that you couldn’t make up work, all tests were automatic zeros, and you’re pretty much screwed.  I should know since I spent 10 days in OOS during my Freshman year in highschool.  Shocked, right?  Side note: Ironically I was suspended for skipping school.  Please don’t throw me in the briar patch, Brer Rabbit.

Here’s the thing; zero tolerance doesn’t work.  It’s not that simple, not black and white.  There’s got to be some grey area, people over policy. It’s sad really that this situation screams liberalism.  Treat everyone equally, even if you have to punish the good with the bad.  They preach one thing, but their policies inflict another.  Since when are knives in it of themselves evil?  When did we stop considering intent and motive?  Isn’t that what a fair trial is all about?  It’s one thing to have evidence, but you can’t convict without motive, a reason.  Why do we take this right away from our youth?  Why is it okay to say to them that they can’t make mistakes, and if they do, we’ll fry ’em for it?

The school systems believe that if you take away the weapons, you’ll protect the children.  How naive is that?  I think we prove time and time again that human nature is not in it of itself good.  You can take away all the bad “things” in this world, and we’ll still find a way to hurt each other, whether with our words or our bodies.  When a human being is angry enough, anything can become a weapon, anything, including themselves.  Are we going to start suspending kids just because they showed up to school with their fists?  Ridiculous right?  Sure, I understand the need to keep weapons out of school, especially those actually intended to hurt, but why zero tolerance? Why no exceptions?  That’s not real life.  In the real world, there are all kinds of exceptions.  Heck, my county councilman has had 2 DUI’s in 4 years and still has his freaking license.  Plus, he think it’s fine for him to speak at high school assembly on drinking and driving.  And I’m not sure about this, but I don’t think he spent a mentionable lick of time in jail.  What do mean there are no exceptions?  The day before my wedding I was pulled over for wreckless driving.  Basically, I was changing lanes too quickly, and quite honestly, should have been given a ticket, but the officer had mercy on me and let me go with a warning.

I have three kids and it’s important to me that they learn boundaries, obey rules, and grow up to be productive members of society.  I don’t let them get away with much, but if I ran my house like the school boards run their systems, I would probably have been forced to give my kids away a long time ago.  I mean, the first time that O hit B on the head with a stick, should I have sent him away for a week?  No, of course not, because he’s still learning.  He’s only 4.  I realize this an extreme, unrealistic scenario, but isn’t that we’re allowing the schools to do to our kids?  Are we really going to sit back and let this continue to happen, for our kids to become a number, most of the time with a $ in front of it.  And yet at the same, these same people, think that they’re more qualified to raise our kids, to discipline them, to teach them right from wrong, to educate them in “bird and the bees.”  It’s our fault, parents.  We’ve allowed this to happen.  Now, my kids aren’t of school age yet, but that hasn’t stopped me from getting involved now.  It’s not too late to change the environment.  You have so many options.  You can serve on the PTA and make your voice be heard.  And of course, you can get involved politically.  Where do you think these hacks come from?  They’re placed there by elected officials or they’re elected themselves.  So use your vote, educate yourself on the issues at the local level and even if I’m being redudant, use your freaking voice.


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