Get Involved: Help Out Our Friends in Frederick

Remember what I was saying earlier today about helping out our fellow conservatives?  Now’s your chance.
From Katie Nash at the Frederick County Republican Central Committee:
Good Evening Fellow Republicans!

Did you know that Republicans are currently fighting it out in two of our municipalities – Frederick and Annapolis?

We need help – our Democratic opponents are well-funded and well-staffed.  The Democrat running for Mayor in Frederick is actually an SEIU executive – that’s right, the same SEIU linked to ACORN.  Good news though – Martin O’Malley endorsed him yesterday ( 

The Frederick County Central Committee is organizing Republicans in force, next Saturday, for our Republican candidates in Frederick City!!!!! We have two door to door efforts scheduled and want to schedule more!

 Here is the schedule for next Saturday, October 24th:
 10am-12pm Door to Door with Mayor Candidate Randy McClement
Location: Thomas Johnson High School – 1501 North Market Street, Frederick, MD 21701
Point of Contact: Katie Nash 301-524-9142
1pm – 3pm Door to Door/Literature Drop with Republican Central Committee Members and Candidates
Location: Dearbought Community Club House, Wheyfield Drive off of Route 26 in Frederick, MD 21701
Point of Contact: Katie Nash 301-524-9142
  Please email me (Katie) to RSVP so we know how many walkers we have. 

Many folks are unable to walk and may be wondering, “what can I do”? If you have volunteers in your county or region, I will work with you to set up a phone bank and call in to Frederick City.  We are talking hundreds of voters – not thousands.  We can turn this election but we need your help!!!!

If you are unable to join us in our activism – please consider donating to our City efforts.  Simply go to and use our PayPal.  Every dollar will go directly into our City effort (for more information just email me). 

If you are interested in helping with the Annapolis races as well I am more than happy to put you in contact with the right folks to get you started there as well.

Republicans outwork our Democratic opponents to keep blue areas, red.  Let’s use these municipal elections to turn the tide for 2010 and send a strong signal that we are fighting like hell on every battle ground we’re given!!!!


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