Get Involved: Stream Clean Up

Thanks Steve Whisler for letting us know about this great opportunity to impact the environment around us.  The Patapsco Valley Heritage Greenway, Inc spends a great deal of their time cleaning up the streams and rivers around the area.  Even if you’re busy this weekend, between crab cake eating contests and local protests, consider getting involved.  They do stream clean ups quite regularly. 


Saturday, October 17 Stream Cleanup Along Herbert Run in Halethorpe
9 am – 12 pm


   Picturesque Bridge in Herbert Run near the site of this Saturday’s cleanup

We hope you can join us for our upcoming stream clean-up this Saturday, October 17, from 9 AM – 12 PM off of Hollins Ferry Road in Lansdowne, just off Halethorpe Farms Road  

IMPORTANT:  This event will be cancelled in the event of rain for safety reasons.  If it looks like rain, call 410-480-0824 after 8 am the morning of the event.  If the event has been cancelled, the message will say it has been cancelled. 

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes.  We recommend our volunteers wear long pants and shirt, so any prickly underbrush or insects won’t bother you, and boots to keep your feet dry!  Those of you who have tall boots will be directed and challenged to pull out the embedded tires and other stuff out of the stream!!!

This section of Herbert Run is rocky, so be prepared to get your feet wet!!!!!

There are no nearby restrooms available, so please plan accordingly.

We also recommend you bring your own sunscreen and insect repellant.  If you are allergic to insect bites or stings, please bring any needed medications and notify the stream captain of your allergy.
Please bring your own work gloves, shovel and any other tools you may have to help us dig out embedded junk.  You are welcome to bring your family and friends.  Children under 16 are welcome if they are supervised and accompanied by an adult volunteer. 
Volunteers are requested to arrive by 8:45 AM to register so we can begin promptly at 9 AM.  Registration is located at the west end of Hollins Ferry Road at the cul de sec. The closest address is 4898 Hollins Ferry Road, Lansdowne, MD  21227  GPS Coordinates  39.227466,-76.689312.  Look for the red truck for registration.  Parking is permitted along Hollins Ferry Road.
We suggest you use Google map for directions at  Type in 4898 Hollins Ferry Road, Lansdowne, MD  21227 or cut and paste these GPS coordinates to get you to the approximately location for registration 39.227466,-76.689312.

We hope to see you there!


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