Nalley & Whisler Go Head To Head

Not sure how many of you made it to the Crab Eating Contest on Saturday.  I, of course, was not able to be there due to the fact that I was celebrating a dear friend’s soon-to-be passage into mommyhood.  However, I hear it was quite the sight to see.  Al Nalley & Steve Whisler both competed in the Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department’s Crab Eating Contest on Saturday.  They tore through 10 oz lump crab cakes at Gianni’s Italian Bistro in order to raiser fundage for the community heroes.  Together, along with several other contenders, they raised over $500, but there could only be one winner.  Ladies and gentleman, may I present to you, the winner of this year’s contest, champion of the crabs (or those that eat them), Mr. Steve Whisler.  I’m seeing a trend here people.  He won the dance contest at the WPCRO Disco Night fundraiser and now this?  Definitely a trend! 

Thanks to Gianni’s Italian Bistro for sponsoring the event and providing such scrumptious crab cakes for the boys to feast on.  You know, I hear that Steve and his gang are giving away a GC to Gianni’s at the Campaign Kick-Off tomorrow night.  You should go.  You might win!


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