Whisler Kicks Off in Style

Last night, at the Candlelight Inn in Catonsville, Steve Whisler officially announced his candidacy for Baltimore County Council in the 1st district.  If I must say so myself, the event planners did a stellar job creating a warm and elegant environment for people to mingle as well as choosing subperb delicacies to quench the hunger pangs of fellow party goers.  But really, this all paled in comparison to the passion and excitement on that patio.  More than 100 people crowded in to hear Steve lay out his platform for the 2010 elections.  For a Republican campaign kick off for county council, I’m thinking we’re on the right track, building momentum, and raring to go.

I have to say I was a little dissappointed to not see the press there.  I’m not sure why that is, but I intend to find out.  Regardless, like any grassroots movement, it’s sort of up to us to get the word out.  I’d say 99% of the people in that room last night were either personally invited to be there or found out through the blog, website, or Facebook.  The press is sort of obsolete now, don’t you think? 

On to better things, introduced by former County Councilwoman, Bertchie Manley, Steve wowed the crowd with his down to earth demeanor and heartfelt words.  He spoke of fiscal responsibility and accountability on the part of the council and it’s executive.  Did you know that Baltimore County has rung up a debt of nearly $942 million?  That’s nearly 60% of one year’s operating budget.  Nearly 10%, 98 million or so, goes to simply pay the interest on the debt.  Guess how much they budget for it?  Yep, we’re not paying that down anytime soon or at all really.

He highlighted the need for balance in government, of which Maryland as a whole sorely lacks.  How do you think we got into that much debt? Exactly, there are no checks and balances in our government, no one to question the shopping spree mentality when it comes to spending.  Our politicians say spend now and worry about it later (which translates to raising taxes).  Oh and Steve’s not a fan of raising taxes.  See why you need balance?

Another concern is the environment.  Hey, Republicans care as well.  It’s not like the Democrats get full reign on environmental issues.  Steve desires to protect and preserve open spaces in the area.  There needs to be a balance between development and preservation, as well as holding the county accountable to the 30 acres of open space per 1000 people (now at 19) and  retain transition buffers between residential and business districts.

Steve Kick OffOne of Steve’s deep passions in politics is illegal immigration.  You might think it’s not that big of a problem here in Baltimore County, but you are mistaken.  Illegal immigration is rampant in Maryland.  Want to know why? We’re a haven for them.  We even give them government ID’s so they get jobs, healthcare, welfare, education, all the while, rarely paying taxes.  But that’s not all they contribute to, they have a heavy hand in raising up the crime rate in our area.  There are 26 known gangs in Baltimore County, many of which either contain or were created by illegal immigrants.  We need to give our authorities, police and fire, the authority to do something about these criminals.  Right now, their hands are tied by our very own elected county council members and state legislature.  Believe it or not, the Federal governemnt has passed a measure that would allow local officials to deal with illegal immigrants, but then left it up to the local governments to decide whether or not to enforce it.  Why would you not?  Enough said!

Lastly, Steve spoke about the need to get involved in this campaign, whether it’s by opening your checkbook or volunteering your time, it’s important to get behind him.  Without us, he can’t do this.  And I think we got ourselve’s a winner.  He’s likeable, warm hearted, on the right track philosophies, and extremely passionate about this area. 

We had people there that I never thought would show themselves at any event supporting a Republican candidate.  This is one guy most people (I won’t say all, because there are some who walk blindly where they are led) can get behind, and you should!

We’ll be launching the website in a day or so, so check in and let us know what you think.


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