Meet Marilyn Booker, District 7

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Marilyn Booker is running for the House of Delegates in District 7, which spans the Baltimore and Harford County line. She wants to bring a focused set of priorities to the General Assembly.

Marilyn grew up in the Baltimore area as the eldest of five children. Her father worked for the state as the Director of the Department of Air Management, which deals with environmental issues. Her mother was a teacher for 18 years. Marilyn attended parochial school for eight years, then Western High School in Baltimore City, which is the only remaining single sex public school in the country.

She earned a Bachelors degree in Nursing from the College of Notre Dame and a Masters in Business from Johns Hopkins University.

Marilyn married her high school sweetheart, Dennis, 38 years ago, whom she has known since she was 13. She says, “He was the newspaper boy in my neighborhood. There’s always been Dennis and Marilyn.” Dennis served in the Coast Guard Reserves for six years. They have two adult children, a son and daughter. The first grandchild was born last year to the delight of Marilyn and Dennis. The couple currently resides in Phoenix.

Marilyn has been in the nursing field for over 30 years, with experience ranging from ICU nurse to management to private sector nursing. She is also a published author, having written a nursing textbook on infusion therapy as well as contributing chapters to two other nursing textbooks.

Since registering as a Republican at age 21, Marilyn stands by the Constitution above all. She describes herself as a fiscal conservative and social moderate. “I believe in individual responsibility and accountability for one’s own actions. We’re supposed to be a free enterprise system. The Constitution doesn’t provide for running car companies and setting salaries in private industry. There’s nothing wrong with capitalism.”

Her grandfather was a Sicilian immigrant who came to this country without speaking the language. She said, “Through nothing more than hard work and guts, he got himself a Yale education. That’s very inspirational to me. He loved this country and what it stood for.”

Another influence on Marilyn is her cousin, Delegate Bill Frank, who is running for re-election to a third term in District 42 in Towson. “There’s no nonsense with Bill. He’s an outstanding, genuine individual. Very kind, honest, and smart. He truly believes in what he’s doing and has been very helpful to me. It’s really nice to have someone like that in the family.”

Bill had the following to say about Marilyn. “She’s a very strong candidate and has been making a very good impression everywhere she goes. I support her 100%. One of the most important issues we face in Annapolis is the delivery of affordable and accessible health care. This has been Marilyn’s expertise for the last 30 plus years. We need people in Annapolis who understand the health care debate, and she clearly does.”

Marilyn’s decision to run for office started with conversations around her kitchen table. She and Dennis began looking at their prospects for future retirement and concluded that, “given the tax structure in Maryland, the worst case scenarios in Pennsylvania and Delaware are still better than living in Maryland.” Instead of just throwing in the towel and moving out of state, she has chosen to offer herself for public service. “Maryland is a wonderful place to live with wonderful services. The best medical care in the country is located right here. We have so much potential in this state, but we need to get our spending under control. It’s almost as though the governor and the Democrats are hellbent on sending Marylanders to Delaware and Pennsylvania. I have a grandchild here, I don’t want to leave. I decided I had to either run or run away.”

Marilyn is very concerned about the direction Maryland is moving. “The Tax Foundation is ranking Maryland at 45th for business friendliness. Two years ago, we were 24th. We’ve raised the corporate income tax and sales tax. We’ve added four new income tax brackets. We’re being taxed to death here. Maryland is unique – health care, government, and education are the top three industries in the state. But these industries are not revenue producing, they are tax funded. It’s like taking money from one pocket and putting it in the other. We need to put our Business and Economic Development Department on steroids to lure private enterprise businesses into Maryland. Until we lower the corporate tax rate, that won’t happen.”

Another important issue to Marilyn is health care. “Maryland has the second highest per capita ratio of physicians to citizens, but only 60% of licensed physicians are actually practicing.” That puts Maryland well below the national average for that ratio. She said, “Obama’s health care reform package will cause more physicians to retire. We have very unfriendly payment practices, and malpractice is out of control. Although we have two of the most prestigious medical schools right here in Baltimore, we train physicians and they leave because they can’t afford to make a living here. We need to revise laws to allow Certified Nurse Practitioners to function independently and fill in the gap for primary care.”

On education, Marilyn said that we should look at what Harford County Schools are doing and model that for Baltimore City. “We’re not getting the outcomes we should be getting for the money we spend.”

Marilyn believes the Republican Party has good chances for 2010. “The party needs to be focused on what’s most important. The only fighting I plan to engage in is to fight for the citizens of Maryland.”

Marilyn is hosting her second fundraiser tonight, October 23, from 7 to 10 p.m. at her home in Phoenix. The guest speaker is Governor Robert Ehrlich. She said, “I hope we can convince him to run in 2010. He’s what Maryland needs right now.” Walk-ins are welcome at her fundraiser at 16 Sunnyview Drive. Interested citizens can contact Marilyn at 443-318-4458 or via email at Please visit her website at


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