Have a Burning Question for John Stossel?

Can I just say, before I move on to the meat of this post, that I’m glad to see that John Stossel jumped ship and came over to Fox News.  I feel his efforts would be much more appreciated there as opposed to where he was.  However, I hope he’s not offended that he’s now unable to report “real news” for a “real network.”  Speaking of, how are the ratings over at Fox?  I’m guessing now that Obama hates them, every one does, right?  What?  Their ratings are higher than ever?  Shocking! Wait a second, maybe Obama isn’t trying to bury the network, maybe he’s in bed with them.  Maybe, just maybe, he’s trying to up their ratings; come out against them and use reverse psychology to drive us their viewership?  Nope, I think he’s just that arrogant.  He thinks that, by bad mouthing and attacking this network, he can in fact take them down, just by telling people not to watch.  I’m guessing he didn’t take psychology courses in college. 

Oops, totally got off track there.  Americans for Prosperity is hosting a tele-town hall meeting THIS THURSDAYat 2:00 PM with John himself. 

Once we finish in South Carolina (last event is Wednesday morning in Myrtle Beach), I’m heading to Arkansas for town hall meetings on the health care takeover with the newest Fox News personality — our good friend, John Stossel. 

You can join us Thursday for a special tele-town hall meeting at 2pm EST by calling in to (888) 886-6603 with extension #13556.  John and I will be updating you on the health care takeover and he will tell us more about his new role at Fox News. 


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