Not Your Typical Supporters

I bet you guys have been wondering where I’ve been lately.  My usual posts have not been as frequent lately.  I apologize, but most of my time in the last couple of weeks has gone to editing and updating Steve Whisler’s campaign site.  You guys should check it out, if you haven’t already.  As the communications director, the website is crucial to getting information out there.  I’m definitely still formulating opinions on local and national issues, and am stock piling my ideas for future posts.  Right now, I’m simply prioritizing my time and trying to get information out in a timely manner.  I’ll be sure to cross post pertinent information as well.

So, what’s been going on lately?  For starters, did you guys hear that our very own, Chris Cavey, has withdrawn his name from the Maryland GOP chair?  Yep, Bryan Sears, who is still on my hit-list for not covering the Whisler Kick-Off,  broke the story tonight with an email Chris sent to GOP leaders and supporters around the state.  I have to say that this news greatly saddens me.  I’m hoping, to be quite honest, that this move is a precursor to something much bigger, like maybe a run for an actual political office?!?  I don’t know, just think it should be put on the table, don’t you?  Chris would be an excellent candidate, maybe even for State Senate. 

Well, for those of you not on Chris’ personal email list, here is a copy of his “Dear John” letter to the GOP.

Hello to the MDGOP faithful!

Over the past month I have traveled across Maryland speaking to Central Committees and Republican activists about the potential our party has in 2010.  Most folks agree we have an opportunity to make gains electing Republicans and would be negligent to miss our chance by not being unified as a Party.

Last evening I listened as a group of Committee members worked through the trials and tribulations of a new voting method to be considered for the upcoming convention.  It was a wonderful example of what party members should be doing, problem solving, and that made me think about the Chairman’s race.

Roughly fifty-three weeks from today is the 2010 General Election, we need to be unified, in full blown campaign mode and not bickering about the past.  The current race for Chairman is very close and I fear the effects of a close race will only further serve to divide us as a party.

Effective today I am withdrawing from the MDGOP Chairman’s race. Party unity and winning elections in 2010 is important.  I will pledge to each of you to dedicate my time and effort by helping the next MDGOP Chair re-build and re-unify our party for 2010 wins.

Thanks to each of you who have worked for my campaign and had faith in my leadership abilities.  Please realize that this was not an easy decision for me to make.  Long-term, however, we will be ahead of the game for our party’s future and we will create more victories by working together… starting from today.

Chris Cavey

What a good man!  What do you think?  Should we urge Chris to run for another elected office?  Add your suggestions in the comments below.


2 Responses to Not Your Typical Supporters

  1. Leslie Tinker says:

    We get to keep him in Baltimore County for another year. Not a bad outcome for us!

  2. If I had a greenback for every time I came to Great writing.

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