Get Involved: AFP “Visit Your Representative Day” November 6th

From the Americans for Prosperity:

On Friday November 6 th, AFP-Maryland’s county chapter chairs will be conducting face-to-face meetings with their Congressional district representatives. Our goal is to put forth thoughtful questions and get relevant answers – without the political spin.

We want to know the answers to such questions as: “Do you believe that a ‘public option’ is the best solution?” or “What is your plan to tackle the rising costs of health care?” – or even – “Would you support meaningful tort reform?”

One important part of AFP’s mission is to capture this type of information from the movers and shakers – the policymakers – and deliver it back to the membership at large. That is why we will be documenting all of the meetings and report back to you. In most cases this documentation will be in the form of a video or YouTube so that you will be able to experience the full event.

Regardless of the outcomes of the Congressional meetings, each county chapter chair will present the new information to you at their November meeting. I will also be linking any video to our YouTube page and our AFP-MD homepage so be on the look out!

The following are times of each meeting on November 6 th and the AFP members meeting with them:

District 1 – Rep. Frank Kratovil – 3:30pm – Steve Lind (AFP-Worcester)
*Joey Gardner (AFP-Somerset)

*Joe Collins (AFP-Wicomico)

*Julie Brewington (AFP-Wicomico)

*Donna Gildea (AFP-Queen Anne’s)

*Aaron Jones (AFP-Anne Arundel)

District 1 – Rep Frank Kratovil – 10:00am (11/9) – Joan Ryder (AFP-Harford)
*Joe Seehusen (AFP-Balto Co)

District 2 – Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger – 2:30pm (11/2)

District 3 – Rep. John Sarbanes – 10:00am – Steve Bailey (AFP-Balto Co)

District 4 – Rep. Donna Edwards – TBA

District 5 – Rep. Steny Hoyer – TBA – Phil Parenti (AFP-Southern Maryland) (Go Charles Lollar, My words, not AFP’s)

District 8 – Rep. Chris Van Hollen – 10:00am– Dan Grossberg (AFP-Montgomery)


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