Let’s Grow The Team

We all know that in Maryland, being a conservative automatically makes you a fish out of water.  I’ve been doing a lot thinking lately about balance.  Regardless of your political affiliations, one has to agree that a government without balance is a government out of control.  Just look at the feds, or better yet, take a long hard look at our state and local governments.  They spend like a college student with their first credit card, without a thought of how they’re actually going to pay for it.  All the while, they line their pockets with favors to and from invested interests.  Honestly, I’d say the same thing if the conservatives had a super majority as well.  Government needs balance.  That’s why our forefathers set up checks and balances.  They feared that without them, the government would grow too large.  Welcome to 2009!  Isn’t that the story of our lives? 

I learned last night that we need to gain 6 seats in the state legislature in order to stop or start a filibuster.  6 seats!  That’s it!  It seems like such a small number, right?  But in Maryland, it is no small feat.  To gain 6 seats, I think we’d literally have to move mountains, but it’s not impossible.  We just have to be willing to put in the work, and a few bucks here and there wouldn’t hurt either.  In my district alone, I would love to see Al Nalley and hopefully Dave Aughenbagh take over Malone and DeBoy’s cushy seats in the House of Delegates.  Don’t you think it’s time for an overhaul?  But they’re going to need our help if they’re even going to come close.  They don’t just need our votes.  They need our time, our talents, our resources, and our voices.  They need people willing to manage websites, plan events, fundraise, stuff envelopes, wave signs, and more.  If you’re willing and able to lend the gifts God’s given you, then speak up.  Post a comment below and I’ll personally deliver your info to them.  Now Dave’s not in yet, but whether it’s him or DJ Madron, they’re going to covet your active support, so why not jump on board now.  Of course, it wouldn’t hurt if you could send a few bucks their way as well. 

Our good friend (that I don’t know personally but plan to soon), Pat McDonough, is speaking out and he has a plan to grow the team.  Here’s what he had to say below.  Don’t count us out just because we’re in the  minority.  I remember when Sonny Perdue was elected Governor of Georgia in 2002.  He was the first Republican governor since Reconstruction.  I had never been so proud of my home state than at that moment.  Shortly thereafter, the Georgia State Legislature followed suit, and again, for the first time since Reconstruction, Republicans held a majority in both houses.  People look to the South as a stronghold for Republicans, but in all actuality, this a relatively new phenomenon. I grew up in a very democratic Georgia.  Look at it now.  I’m hoping to be able to say the same thing to my kids about Maryland, except that I’m already grown up.  It’s not impossible.  It’s just going to require a decent amount of elbow grease. 

Totally got off on a tangent.  Here’s Pat’s plea:

    The 2010 election is going to be decisive and dramatic for America and the State of Maryland.  The office of Governor, U.S. Senator, and all the local offices will be up for grabs.  In addition, the energy among the people and their desire for real change is at an all time high.
     The Pat McDonough Leadership Team is destined to become involved in an important way in this key election year.  The new Television Show, radio program, and our growing grassroots communication network will have an impact.  I receive requests everyday by new people who want to become part of our e-mail network and direct mailing list.  I sincerely appreciate the many great people who are already on the network and provide me with advice and information, and those who attend our public events. 
     It is time to “grow the team.” Many have suggested that we send out a message asking our present members to spread the word.  So, if you have family, friends, or associates that you believe need to get involved, ask them to forward their e-mail to our system at Patmcdee@comcast.net.  Should people not have internet service and they want to be on our direct mail system, they should send a note of request to Pat McDonough at P.O. Box 15470, Baltimore, MD 21220.  Any questions, contact my office by calling 410-238-0025.
Once again, thank you for all your support and help. I am looking forward to seeing you soon. – Pat


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