Will Win’s Tuesday Make a Difference?

So I read this article today, written by one, Liz Sidoti of the AP, and according to her expertise, wins in Virginia and New Jersey won’t erase the party’s problems.  Duh!  Really, where do they come up with these stories?  As I read through it, I came to several “aha” moments, but most had nothing to do with our own party.  My guess, this is their way of getting ahead of the curve.  They can’t stand that they are about to lose big, and in states where they should do pretty well (especially given Virginia’s “abandonment” of the Republican party as of late).  They have to explain it away, by bringing up the woes of the party, the lack of leadership, and the absence of one true voice.   The problem is, that despite her lack of true writing ability, the girl’s got a point.  We do have a problem, and winning tomorrow won’t erase those issues.

Our platform can not be “anti-Obama.”  Didn’t we get enough of that when it was vice-versa on Bush?  We didn’t get in this predicament over night and certainly not at the fault of Obama, or Pelosi, or Murtha, or Spector, or any one person for that matter.  We got here through years and years of complacency, taking our leaders for granted, assuming they have our best interests at heart.  Our problem is that we trusted and elected people simply based on their party affiliation.  We failed to research their beliefs, their character, their voting records (or lack there of).  Believe me, I’m guilty as charged.  I’m guilty of paying little to no attention to local level politicians.  I either voted strict party line or I didn’t vote at all.  How sad is that?  I get that the office of the President is the highest elected office in our great nation, but it’s by far the least important in my life.  President Obama has little say about things that effect me in the long run.  In fact, I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m say that my county councilman has the greatest affect on my life; then comes the state legislatures, then the national Congress, and bringing up the rear is the President.  So why is that people pay so much more attention to the national elections and very little to what’s going on in their very own neighborhoods.  Maybe it’s the world’s greatest conspiracy.  See, if the proverbial “they” can divert our attention from the local levels of government, then they can do whatever it is they so desire, like granting themselves the world’s greatest pension programs or insurance benefits.

What’s the moral of the story, folks?  Wake up and smell the political coffee.  Don’t worry about the national spectrum.  Focus on what’s going on around you, like the mayoral races in Frederick and Annapolis tomorrow, or the dozens of conservative candidates across the state running for all sorts of elected offices.  Let’s focus on them, stand firm on our values, and commit to educating ourselves and others on the issues at hand.  So when we go in that voting booth next November, we’ll be prepared.  We’ll know our candidates and feel confident that we’ve done everything in our power to bring them to victory.  Are you with me?

Tomorrow we celebrate!  Even if we don’t live in an area hosting an election, we need to support our fellow conservatives and rejoice in their victories.  Yes, tomorrow we celebrate even the smallest of victories.  Even though we’re focusing on the local level, we’re still in this together.  A conservative is a conservative is a conservative.  Our party will figure out its woes eventually.  If all its people start moving without them, I think they’ll get the message and start moving with us.  Who knows?  Maybe someday they’ll even be able to lead again.


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