Get Involved: Urgent Rally Tomorrow in Ellicott City

You might not want to miss this.  Tomorrow at noon, on the steps of the Ellicott City Post Office on Main Street, a group will be convening to cheer on this poor excuse for a health care bill.  And guess who’s sponsoring the rally?  Our very own Elijah Cummings is calling up his troops.  It seems like we have an opportunity, a civic duty, to show up and be heard.  What if our voice was louder than theirs? Would people be forced to listen?  Would the media be able to ignore us?  There are only so many camera angles, right?

So be there, Thursday, November 12th at 12:00 pm sharp.  Bring your signs, your children (who aren’t in school), your friends, neighbors and pharmacists, and demand to be heard.  Prepare your tag lines and witty banter.  Let’s show Elijah that he’s no longer safe, no longer a shoe-in for another term.  Even if you can’t be there, post the event to your Facebook status.  Heck, even if you have to shout it from your rooftop, literally, just help get people there.  Let’s show them that we are no longer the SILENT majority. Remember, we the people!


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