Time to Excercise the First

If you managed to get through at least the first part of my last post (wow, that was long), then you read a little something about a certain County Council meeting and a whole lot of about some seriously cushy pensions.  Did you get that burning sensation in your gut, the one that didn’t originate from dinner?  Well, have I got a solution for you, that actually didn’t originate with me either.  Show up at their legislative meeting this coming Monday night.  Aim to be there between 6:30 & 7:00.  If you make it in before 7:00, you can put your name down on a little sheet of paper and they’ll give you 2-3 minutes to speak on anything your little heart desires.

Here’s the deal:  The American’s for Prosperity, are sort of heading this up (maybe not so much on the sort of side).  The goal is to get 100 people there to testify against said cushy pensions.  I think we can get well over that, but we have to get the information out there.  So please Facebook & Twitter this post, cross post to other sites, add the information to your blog…you get the point.  We can do this.  We can at least put some pressure on our councilmen so they’ll know just how despicable we think their failure to reform this ridiculously posh pension plan actually is.

The Baltimore County Council meets at 400 Washington Avenue Towson, MD 21204.  Be prepared to be there a while, especially if we get the turn out we’re hoping for.  Keep in mind that we need to be respectful and keep our emotions below the surface.  It’s okay to be passionate, but they’ll tune you out if you start to get offensive.  Prepare your remarks in advance, so you’ll more readily stick to the topic at hand.  And lastly, remember that anytime we gather, in protest or sport, it should be a time for comradery and most of all, fun.  So relax, enjoy yourselves, pull down a tail gate of two.  We’re in this together, we the people.

The Details (for the skimmers)

Baltimore County Council Meeting

Monday, November 16th, 6:30 PM

400 Washington Ave, Towson

Speak on any topic you would like, but we’re hoping we’ll all throw up on them about their pension plans.


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