A Telling Tale

Below you will find a Letter to the Editor from one, Michel Collins, in regards to recent attempts by the media to harp on the MD GOP’s financial misfortunes.  The leftist media would like you to believe that we’re in the hole due to a simple lack of giving (interpreted into a lack of support), but Michel was bold enough to speak the truth.  Thanks, Mike, for pointing this out.  I actually never knew this, mainly because I’m so new to the whole game.

Dear Editor:
While your in the business of telling the world about the Maryland GOP’s financial problems you might want to tell the reading public what caused the problem.
You know our financial problems were caused by the Democratic legislature when they created district and legislative boundary lines that were favorable to Democrats running for office, which did not comply with the meaning of the law.
Michael Steele had the courage to take the issue to court costing the GOP expensive lawyers fees in a case the judge agreed with.
Maryland’s legislators were overturned and the GOP won a huge victory.  It is a shame the courts did not award attorney’s fees, for the Democrats continued violation of the law.
Michael Steele did what he thought was right and paid the bill.  Unfortunately, the elections board, filled with Democrats, singled out the GOP for taking the money in excess of the limit and made us pay it back to Michael.
Next time the Democrats violate the law maybe we should pay back the lawyers with $25 gift cards intended for the needy and then the donation could be tax deductible.
No that is not right.  We will just follow the law and continue to fight for our right to have fair elections in a one sided town.

J Michel Collins
Reisterstown, Md 21136
443 844 5213
4Th District BCRCC


2 Responses to A Telling Tale

  1. Thaise says:

    he used the wrong you’re lol =)

    • hills4neil says:

      Thaise, I caught that too, but didn’t want to edit his words. Actually I’m thrilled that it was written as well as it was since Mike had just suffered a huge medical setback. I hope you’re doing well. I catch up a little on Facebook, but it’s never the same as in person. Maybe we could get together sometime when you’re home for a visit.


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