Get Involved: Serve or Be Served?!?

I know this isn’t in our district, but the implications are far reaching.  Illegal immigration is a huge problem through out Maryland and the United States as a whole.  It seems that they have more rights than we do.  And our government makes it even harder to combat this intrusion on our society.  They set up havens for illegals to find work and obtain access to welfare, education and medical assistance.  What do we get in exchange?  How about higher crime rates, gang activity, and increased taxes?

Here we have an American citizen, a protector of the peace, being sued by an illegal alien for $1 million.  Okay, the illegal is actually suing the Frederick County, but still.  Does this only sound backwards to me?  Sheriff Chuck Jenkins is literally being sued by a criminal for doing his job.

This Thursday, a group of concerned citizens from all over the state will be gathering in Frederick to rally support for Sheriff Jenkins and the Frederick County police force.

Here are the details.

What: Rally for Chuck Jenkins, not a protest
When: Thursday, November 19 th 2009
Time: 3:00-6:00
Barley & Hops parking lot, on Rte. 355 near Target.  WFMD 930 AM will be broadcasting live.

For More Information, Contact:

Brett Bidle

Vice Chairman Frederick Teenage Republicans

6th District Coordinator FreedomWorks of Maryland



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