Press Release: Whisler Testifies Before County Council



Steve Whisler Testifies before County Council; Recommends Pension Reform

Towson, MD | November 16, 2009


Steve joined dozens of Baltimore County residents to suggest that the pension plan enjoyed by elected officials is unfair, hypocritical, and fiscally irresponsible.


Steve offered specific recommendations the County Council should consider to reform Council member pensions before the November 2010 elections, including:

  • Offer Council members a defined contribution plan, not a defined benefit plan
  • If a defined benefit plan continues, cap pension plan benefits at 40%
  • Ensure officials cannot draw their benefit until their 60th birthday or after they leave office, whichever is later
  • Base the pension plan salary upon an average of the last 36 months of pay, not the highest salary ever earned while in office
  • Ensure that no official ever draws more than two pensions from any elected position or service in a federal, state, or local government capacity


A copy of Steve’s testimony and recommendations are attached for your review. Citizens are urged to contact their Council member and insist that pension reforms be enacted before the November 2010 elections.


Steve Whisler is a Republican candidate for the Baltimore County Council’s 1st District seat currently held by S.G. Samuel Moxley. To learn more about Steve Whisler and his plan to reform spending and inject common sense values back into government, please visit


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