Watch What You Say?!?

My post today comes from the oddest of sources.  My uber liberal, Obama-loving BF tweeted a link concerning a certain bumper sticker circulating around some religious sects, “Pray for Obama Ps 109:8.”  She described it as disturbing, and I happen to agree.  Now, don’t jump down my throat or go accusing me of flip flopping before you read the explanation.

The verse reads: “Let his days be few; Let another take his office.”

Doesn’t sound too bad, right?  Wait for it.  Here is the context.

When he is judged, let him (A)come forth guilty,
And let his (B)prayer become sin.
8Let (C)his days be few;
Let (D)another take his office.
9Let his (E)children be fatherless
And his (F)wife a widow.
10Let his (G)children wander about and beg;
And let them (H)seek sustenance far from their ruined homes.

I’m all about praying for Obama.  I think if you profess faith in God, you should pray for all of our leaders, for their decisions, for wisdom, for direction, but not for their demise.  I’m all about replacing Obama in 2012, but I’d rather win on a platform for ideas and values versus hatred and bitterness.  I remember all too well the “jokes” that people on the fringe left would make about George W, jokes that could readily be interpreted as threats on his very life.

In a quick Google search of the bumper sticker phrase mentioned above, I found far more references to it from libs than people advocating it on the right.  I could not find the orgination of it and only one site,, was selling them.  My guess is that someone thought they were being clever, coming up with a tagline that would become a buzz phrase similar to that of “Nobama.”  The problem is that whoever came up with it probably paid no attention to the context of the passage, a tool that the left has now picked up and ran with, accusing people who are using this catch phrase as “calling for the assassination” of Obama.  I can not imagine this even being any where close to the truth.

We have to be careful about the tools and phrases we use.  I’m a Christian, and it’s never a good idea to use Bible darts (picking verses out of the Bible and using them to make a certain point that may not be supported if taken in context).  Not only does it send the wrong message, but it’s also contrary to what God intended.  I’m not going to turn this into a sermon, but I wanted to make the point that we need to be careful about the message we’re sending.  Let’s not give them more ammo then they already have.


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