Case in Point or Are Naive Christians In Fact The New Taliban?

In an earlier post today, I talked about the bumper sticker catch phrase, “Pray for Obama, Ps 109:8.”   Remember what I said about the Left taking it to the extremes?  According to Frank Schaeffer (who I’m not sure is really a credible anything, especially not to speak on spiritual issues), the people who have this bumper sticker on the back of their cars, unaware of the context of this verse, are the American version of the Taliban.  Seriously, can Rachel Maddow actually be considered a journalist?  She’s far from unbiased, but then again, I don’t watch MSNBC, maybe she doesn’t proclaim to be.  The scary thing is that people really believe this crap.  MY uber liberal, Obama-loving BF believes that the people behind this slogan actually pray for Obama’s death, that they are comparable to the Taliban.  That just seems so absolutely ridiculous to me.  I can’t imagine that this “campaign” is that deeply rooted in hatred, but then again, maybe I’m just naive.

I can say this though; I am the epitome of the Republican base, a poster child for conservatism, and I have never, before today, seen or heard about this slogan.  I get tons of forwards every day, skim several websites, blogs, and news sources and have yet to come across “Pray for Obama, Ps 109:8.”  I have several conversations a day with fellow conservatives and have not even heard it mentioned.  So what does that say about the scope of this newly formed Taliban?  I’m thinking that the Left has made this into a bigger thing than it actually is, another poor excuse to pick of those sinister, evil Christians.  It’s part of their agenda.  You know what I say: Bring it on, Leftists, Bring it!

Here is Rachel Maddow & Frank Schaeffer, who were kind enough to prove my point.  Enjoy the craziness!


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