Look at That! Salary Board Violates Open Meeting Act! Shocker!

While we’re at it, can we point out that Fred Homan, a senior county official, admits that the Personnel and Salary Board violated the Open Meetings Act. Of course, he only admitted this after Bryan Sears, Patuxent Publishing, starting asking questions. Here’s what he found.

“A salary advisory board violated the state Open Meetings Act, a senior county official said today.

The Baltimore County Personnel and Salary Advisory Board met Nov. 18 to recommend pay increases for the county executive and members of the County Council but did not open to the public an earlier unannounced meeting during which the particulars of their recommendations were discussed.

County Administrative Officer Fred Homan acknowledged in a brief phone call made to a reporter late Friday afternoon that the board violated the act by not opening the unannounced meeting.

Salary advisory board violated Open Meeting Act

By Bryan Sears

“We do believe that, in fact, they did (violate the law) and we’re going to institute some training,” Homan said.

The county Office of Law began a review of the lawfulness of not making public the unannounced meeting after Patuxent Publishing Co., publisher of this Web site, raised questions with a county attorney.”

Check out the full article to read more about it.  I just found out that copying the entire article is a copyright violation.  Oh well, I guess it’s better to keep it short and sweet anyways.


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