It’s Not That I Have Nothing To Say

It’s that I haven’t had enough time to manage all the various facets of my life.  With all the traveling and decorating, it’s taken me a little longer to settle into the holiday season. Don’t worry though, I’ve been following along.  I’m like Santa, making a list, checking it twice.  I already know who’s naughty or nice.

So let’s go through the list:

Obama: Naughty (come on, like we really believe you “agonized” for three months over the decision to send 75% of the troops requested to Afghanistan…plus, you’re not so subtly injecting your socialist ideals into my beloved country.

Palin: Nice (not sure if I’m ready for her to take the plunge in 2012, but you gotta give it to her, she’s a trooper.  Oh and if anyone wants to send me a copy of her book for Christmas, that would be great.)

Kratovil: Naughty (well, not exactly naughty, but possibly looking for another job come next November)

AFP (American’s For Prosperity): Nice (they’re on the ball and ready to put up a fight.)

Dixon: Naughty (self explanatory)

Whisler: Nice (Duh, of course I think that.  I’m on the team.  Don’t believe me?  Check out

Tiger Woods: Naughty (and a little weird.  What’s up with this anyways?  It’s like As The World Turns has come to fruition)

Gore: Naughty (for polluting the world with such nonsense as human inflicted global warming)

Cadets at West Point: Nice (They have to be for putting up with that speech.)

That’s a good enough update for now.  I won’t try to catch up, but will plunge forward, covering issues that pertain to all of us.


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