It’s Dead, It’s Not Dead

Shouldn’t we consider having a “death panel” for the public option?  One minute they’re saying it’s out.  The next it’s back in.  Out, in, out, in…and not they’re seeking a “compromise.”  How do compromise on the public option?  It’s either there or it’s not.  I’m not sure why the American people continue to believe a word that comes out of there elected officials mouths.  From the very top with O-man himself to the bottom of the totem pole, it’s safe to say that politicians are universally good at one thing…telling people what they want to hear knowing it’s most likely a lie.

Nothing frustrates me more than being ignored.  Granted, I expect it when it comes to my politicians.  Not a single one of them represents my thoughts and beliefs (though I’m hoping to change that in 2010), but the fact that they are collectively ignoring the wishes of the country as a whole really irks me.  What part of “we don’t want this” do they not understand? Of course many of them will lose their jobs come next November.  Though that makes me happy, it’s at an extreme cost to America.

We can’t give up the fight peeps.  Continue to get the word out on the whole healthcare fiasco.  Keep after your elected officials, even if they don’t give a hoot (Mr. Cummings).  Keep calling, emailing, writing, and showing up at their doorsteps.  Participate in rallies, forward emails to friends and neighbors, go to town hall meetings, or create your own buzz.  Utilize all resources possible.  It’s not a done deal yet, and we can still fight to make sure, even if it does pass, that it is not as big as the libs want.  At least we can take them down a notch or two.

And let’s make sure that those Senators and Congressman who did vote for it (Cummings, Cardin, Mikulski) pay for it come election time (even if it’s just making the race a lot closer…scare them a bit).


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