From Our Friends at The Baltimore Reporter: Does Sarah Palin Have a Shot?

Why Does Sarah Palin Have a Shot At The Presidency?

By Regina Sztajer

Barrack Obama, the rising star of the Democratic party, has shown himself to be a pushover in the world of diplomacy. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton isn’t much of a help because she and the president are on different wave lengths. How can any world leaders take him seriously when he is illegitimate with the American people? His allegiance is with the Unions and Acorn who he considers his soldiers. He had the nerve to go to Dover Delaware to so called honor the military killed in service of their country but can’t seem to make up his mind to give them additional troops in Afghanistan. Months have past since the military requested additional troops for Afghanistan and he travels around the world apologizing for our failures while our men ands women are putting their lives on the line in the Middle East.

Obama tries to butter up Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a Holocaust denier, who promised to wipe Israel off the map. He has snubbed Israel while giving a speech in Cairo Egypt. Their is mounting disrespect for America by our friends and adversaries. Japan for example, will cease to refuel U.S. warships off Afghanistan while demanding renegotiations of U.S. troop deployment, already agreed upon. They are moving out of Obama’s orbit and into the government of China’s arms. China just refused to revalue its currency to stop America’s bleeding of U.S. jobs, technology and factories to the mainland. They have dismissed Obama’s call for openness. The aren’t showing much gratitude for what we have done for them. North Koreans continue to test nuclear devices ignoring U.S. demands.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai stole the election so brazenly in the face of the Obama administration, mocking the United States claiming legitimacy. His administration decided to scrape the ballistic missile defense of Poland and the Czech Republic while giving in to Moscow while it meddles in the Ukraine. They have no respect for Obama or America and have shown little reciprocity if any.

All of Obama’s personal charm has counted for nothing in global power politics. The national interest of China, North Korea, Russia and etc. are not a comfort to America when they have disused us with impunity. Obama is seen by many as dithering, diffident and a doubting, and who believes his smile heals all. Not So!!!! We in America must put ourselves first, if not who will?

Palin is a rising star in the Republican party. She appeared damaged by the Democrats, who despised her but they were wrong. Obama’s fading star is being pushed away by her brightness. His being shown little or no repect abroad and his Socialist doctrines, which he is determined to shove down our throats, is perfect for her to come out like a freight train on the run. Her new book, Sarah Palin Going Rouge, is a hit selling in the thousands daily. I even bought my copy to read!!

I predict she will win the Conservative Republican base and Independents because in every poll she is level with support and her book tour is creating a huge buzz. She does understand the nation’s fears and will appeal to their hopes for the future. She has to listen to people all across America, in inner cities, small towns, cities and the suburbs who are living with jobless anxieties. She will espouse Reagan’s values and use humor when responding to bad press and controversy because that’s Sarah Palin. Making bit of fun of oneself makes you appear real, after all no one is perfect. Go for it Sarah, you can do it, ‘we’re rooting for you!! The same thousands standing on line in the dead of night to be first online to have their book signed will be first on line at the polling booth.


One Response to From Our Friends at The Baltimore Reporter: Does Sarah Palin Have a Shot?

  1. Kerry Wenske says:

    As an American, I am so proud of Sarah Palin for what she is speaking out about. Have you read her book? I did and it is so informative. Do you think she will run for President? I hope so, I would definitely vote for her. Click here if you’d like to check out my site. Thank you again for a great site. Have a great day!

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