Press Release: Baltimore County Republicans Launch Site for Reform

Subject: Baltimore County Republicans Unveil Reform Web Site


Internet Site Emphasizes Need for Change

The Baltimore County Republican Party is unveiling a new Web Site that makes the case for reform in 2010, laying out the failures of the county’s Democrat leadership and how Republicans would increase accountability, efficiency, and excellence in government.

“After 16 years of Democrat rule in Baltimore County, people are desperate for new leaders who will reform government and put communities first,” commented Chris Cavey, chairman of the Baltimore County   “Our Republican candidates offer an alternative to Democrat leaders who seem more concerned about political advancement and satisfying the concerns of developers and special interests.”

The Web Site includes the Baltimore County Republican Party’s vision for 2010, as well as examples of the failures of Democrat leaders who controlled every office but one in the County Courthouse:

— Democrat politicians harvest hundreds of thousands of dollars from developers and other special interests while failing to deal with traffic congestion and school overcrowding;

— Schools from Hereford to Sparrows Point are overcrowded, while schools around the county lack air conditioning and are deteriorating with age.

— Baltimore County’s land preservation program for recreation areas has ground to a halt.

— It took a public outcry for Baltimore County Democrats to admit that their lucrative pension system needed to be reformed. To add insult to injury, within days of the pension scandal breaking, a Democrat-appointed commission recommended salary hikes—after discussing the raises in violation of the Open Meetings Act.

There is a blog at the Web Site which will hopefully become an interactive feature for sharing ideas about how to reform Baltimore County.

“We encourage everyone interested in our future to visit this Web Site,” Cavey concluded.  “There is a groundswell for change and reform that the Democrat machine will not be able to silence.”


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