And These People Win Elections?

I just don’t get it.  Why people choose to support Democrats is beyond me.  There all about the money and the power.  Sure they preach about the little people, feeding the poor, taking care of the disabled, but look at how they run their campaigns.  They appeal only to the rich and deep pocketed.  In an article today on, Bryan Sears pointed out how three Democrat contenders in Baltimore County were filling their war chests.  How, you ask?  Well, that would be with $1000 a plate fundraisers and a committee headed up by none other than a couple development lawyers.  Michael Paul Smith, who also happens to be Executive Smith’s son, and David Gildea (also highly connected to Exec. Smith) have pledged their undying support to County Council candidates Tom Quirk (running against Steve Whisler), Gardon Harden (District 5), and Cathy Bevins (District 6).

Of course these candidates have made a pledge of their own.  They’ll accept these guys help and money, but would never return any special favors.  Sure, like these men are doing this out of the kindness of their hearts.  When business owners and developers show up at a $1000 a plate fundraiser, they mean business.  They’re in it for themselves.  They want these people to win because it means something for them.  Why else would they care?

Democrats in Maryland have proven that they are not pro-business, just look at our employment tax, property tax assessments, and all-around hostile tax environment they’ve created.  The one benefit to being the underdog in a completely blue state means that, for once, they can’t point fingers and blame the elephant in the room.  So if these big developers are showing up at these fundraisers, then it means that there is something in it for them.  And on a side note, I’d ask how many of these deep pockets are even from within these districts.  Of course, I have no idea, but it certainly begs the question.

Bryan wrote, “Some community activists say they are concerned over the attorneys’ fundraising for candidates because of the council’s role in zoning and development.”  Activists?  I’d be interested to hear what everyday people walking down Frederick Ave would think about this.  “Whose call do you think they will return first? The developer who gave them $1,000 or the attorney who raised them $50,000?” Donna Spicer, a Loch Raven activist shared with Mr. Sears (how do you define activist anyways?). What about the housewife looking for a sidewalk for her kids to walk to school on?  When do you think her call will be answered.

Another interesting quote in the article came from Cathy Bevins.  “‘I know what it costs to run for County Council,” Bevins said. “I’m going to need $100,000 to $125,000. I’m not going to raise that having $25 (per person) fundraisers.'”  Do you need me to interpret this for you?  Basically they’ll take your vote, but the money is what really matters to them, so if you don’t have tons of it, then you’re not all that important to them.  Really?  And these people still get elected.

Actually, in 2010, let’s hope they don’t.  We have a strong slate of candidates, especially for County Council.  Steve Whisler is all about the people.  Sure, he knows it takes money to run a campaign, but it takes people to win and election.  I’m proud to “work” for a man who listens to the concerns of those around him, whose platform is built on a foundation of community service, who knows who he wants to work for and why.

The last quote I’ll pull from Bryan’s article comes from none other than Tom Quirk himself.  “But this is an important election,” he said, “and there will be a lot of change in the council, and it’s more important than ever to elect the right people.”  I couldn’t agree more, Tom.  Whisler in 2010.


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