Press Release: Baltimore County Republicans Ask Democrats:



Contact: Chris Cavey

The Baltimore County Republican Party today denounced efforts by two prominent Democrat powerbrokers, Michael Paul Smith and David Gildea, in their efforts to pack the next Baltimore County Council with politicians sympathetic to over development of our County.  The story was first reported by Bryan Sears of Patuxent Publishing.

“Under Jim Smith and his Democrat cronies, Baltimore County has become a political cesspool, polluted by big money from Democrat developers and their special interests that are paying for access to power,” commented Baltimore County Republican Party Chairman Chris Cavey.  “It’s time to drain this political cesspool and reform the County Council in 2010. Only the Republican Party offers real reform and accountability.”

Cavey is asking all Democrat candidates in Baltimore County to clarify whether they would back the Smith-Gildea candidates if they proceed to the general election.  “Will self-styled reformers like Jim Brochin, Bobby Zirkin, Steve Lafferty, and Ruth Baisden denounce such a brazen effort to stack the County Council with candidates handpicked by the Smith-Gildea development cartel? Are they willing to close a blind eye to the deepening corruption within the Council chamber and hope for some of the same cash flow and support.”

Bryan Sears jumped right on this in his blog, Strange Bedfellows, as did Ann Miller on

Please spread this press release to any and all people you know, have met, brushed by in a check-out line, or have seen breathing.  It’s important that we get the word out about the strategy’s of our opponents.  Getting in bed with development lawyers…there’s no coming back from that.  Really, there’s not.  The people need to know who these men are associating themselves with, and who else is going to do that?


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