Is It Personal or Is It Politics?

After Bryan Sears released his article highlighting our opponent’s and their “fundraising” committees for the Baltimore County Council races, it’s come to my attention that certain candidates have felt personally “attacked.”  Okay, really just one candidate was upset, particularly over my op ed piece here on the blog, but seriously, THIS IS A CAMPAIGN!  Who is on your campaign committee, especially your “fundraising chairmen” and their practices, are fair game.  To be this early in the race, before the gloves even come off, and getting your panties all up in a wad, seems a bit premature to me.  I mean, don’t you think “unfriending” people on Facebook is more of a personal attack then an op ed piece where you, yourself, weren’t even the centerpiece?
It’s not my place to question someone’s integrity.  Maybe these opponents really think that Smith and Gildea are in this for the good of the candidates.  However, if they truly believe that, then they’re naive.  Here’s my opinion.  I think Smith and Gildea are building a war chest, not for these candidates, but for Executive Smith himself.  See, he can’t run for another term (gee, I wonder where else we could use some term limits), so the only way to maintain his political power is to build a machine equipped with lackeys that he can control.  Of course, I have no proof this.  That’s why they call it an opinion, but it makes sense to me.  They interviewed candidates to see if they were, what, worthy of their “help.”  No one devotes that much time and energy (and money) to something, or someone, unless they have something to gain from it.  So, my question is this:  What would Smith and Gildea have to gain from these investments?  And let’s just say (and I hope this doesn’t happen) that their “friends” win these seats.  Do you expect me to believe that their influence ends there?  What about Executive Smith’s influence?  Where does that end? Or when?

At this point in the game, it’s not about personal attacks.  I honestly hope that the people in this campaign leave the mud on the ground where it belongs for the entirety of the race.  But if our opponents are going to take every single criticism personally…well, you know what they say, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the fire.  And “unfriending” us on Facebook?  Don’t you think that’s just a tad bit childish?  However, please, don’t take that too personally.

Hear Bryan Sears take with Bill Vanko about his War Chest article on WBAL.


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