Statement from Maryland Republican Party Chairman Audrey Scott

Statement from Maryland Republican Party Chairman Audrey Scott

Regarding Governor Martin O’Malley’s Pledge of “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs”

“Over the past three years the O’Malley Administration has implemented policies that have killed jobs in Maryland. Rather than working to improve and grow the economy in Maryland, Governor O’Malley and the Democrat leadership in the General Assembly have pursued measures that have made Maryland hostile to business and alienated those who create economic opportunity.”

“Now, in an election year amid the highest unemployment in decades, the Governor is claiming to be all about ‘Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.’ The people of Maryland can see through this pandering. They deserve better and in November the voters will have the opportunity to elect fiscally responsible leaders who will put Maryland back on track.”

“Trying to overcome sagging poll numbers and a drove of broken promises Governor Martin O’Malley is attempting to reinvent himself as the jobs governor to get through the election year.  He seems to believe that if he keeps chanting “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” the voters of Maryland will forget that under his leadership Maryland has become one of the most hostile environments in the nation to do business.”

2007 –  Implemented the Largest Tax Hike in Maryland’s History: On the eve of an economic recession Governor O’Malley and the Democrat leadership in the General Assembly pushed through $1.3 billion in tax increases.   Basic economics tells you when people are sending more money to government they are spending less supporting the local economy and creating jobs.  Since his very first year in office Governor O’Malley has been killing jobs in Maryland.

2008 – High Earners Income Tax: In an effort to support his reckless spending habits Governor O’Malley implemented a higher personal income tax rate on individuals and small businesses who work hard and succeed.  Just a year later, nearly one-third of the Maryland’s high income earners had relocated out of state. The exodus of these successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople has resulted in at least $100 million in lost revenue for the State. The lost revenue is only part of the problem – Maryland’s long-term economic recovery will be weakened because Governor O’Malley declared war on those who create economic opportunity.

2009-2010 Chronic Dependence on Federal Bailouts: Rather than work towards any meaningful long-term spending reductions, Governor O’Malley has instead chosen to paper over Maryland’s fiscal crisis with taxpayer money from the federal government.  In his 2009 State of the State speech Governor O’Malley made it clear that Maryland’s future directly depended on the patronage of President Obama.  The Governor has gone so far as to publically beg for additional federal assistance at Board of Public Works meetings.  The spending plan he introduced last week includes another $389 million of federal taxpayer money.  Even the Baltimore Sun has realized that this ongoing dependence on federal bailouts rather than sound fiscal management will only serve to grow deficits in the future.

Authority: Maryland Republican Party, R. Christopher Rosenthal, Treasurer. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.


Teleprompters in a 6th Grade Classroom, Mr. President?

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Could you imagine being in that sixth grade class? From the moment you heard the President of the United States was coming to your classroom, you were probably freaking out. All of a sudden, you’re the most popular 6th grader in the entire country. That morning you picked out the best outfit in your closest, fixed your hair, and, if you’re a girl, applied sparkly lip gloss. Heck, you probably made sure you were early to class. Nobody wants to be late when the President is visiting. Then he starts to speak. A few minutes later, you wake up, drool pooling on your desk. You expected it to be exciting, but from the moment he opened his mouth, you found yourself bored literally to sleep.

Does the man have any other tone other than mono? Recently, I heard his remarks on the rescue efforts in Haiti. Granted it was over the radio, but I’ve never heard anyone so completely detached. Say what you will about George W, but at least you knew he cared. You saw it in his face and heard it in his voice. You can tell me what you think, if you can get through it without falling asleep. Of course, I’m a bit biased, but I was not impressed.

Americans for Prosperity: Mark Your Calendars

January 26, 2009

Wow, January has been quite a month!
The 1/13/10 March on Annapolis was a huge success. Many of our Baltimore County members took advantage of the four buses that we coordinated and made their voices heard on Lawyers Mall. Nearly 2500 citizens gathered that cold night with a clear message that “Enough is Enough”.
On January 19th, Scott Brown shocked the country by winning the special election in Massachusetts held to fill the United States Senate seat held by Ted Kennedy (the People’s seat!). His election has really thrown a monkey wrench into the plans to ram through health care.
Also on January 19th, the Baltimore County council voted to exempt itself from any meaningful pension reform. Councilman Kevin Kamenetz bill passed by a 6-1 margin with only Joe Bartenfelder voting against the bill. Kamenetz later told Patuxent Publishing reporter Bryan Sears that “IT’S TIME TO MOVE ON”. Apparently, Councilman Kamenetz underestimates just how strongly this issue resonates with our members and most voters who will obviously have the last word on the issue.

Move On? We’re Just Getting Warmed Up!

Our next scheduled meeting will be held on Tuesday night, February 2, 2010 (one week from today) at 7:00 PM at the Towson branch of the Baltimore County Public Library. In the near future we will schedule additional chapter meetings around the County in Dudalk, White Marsh, Owings Mills, and Catonsville to accomodate the growing interest in our organization.
At our 2/2/10 meeting we will discuss hosting a series of town hall meetings on the issue of pension reform that will culminate in a Tax Day Tea Party protest to be held on April 15, 2010 at Patriot Plaza (the Courtyard behind the Circuit Court building) 401 Bosley Avenue, Towson, MD 21204.

Please forward this email along to all of those who share your commitment to promoting liberty and prosperity through limited government and free markets. Invite at least one friend to our next meeting.

Steve Bailey & Joe Seehusen
Americans for Prosperity Baltimore County

Appaloosa Headlines for Nalley

So what are you doing on February 27th?  Go ahead, pull out your iPhone or Blackberry and check?  Are you free?  Great, then you’ll want to purchase a ticket to see Appaloosa at Dewey Loman, a fundraiser for Al Nalley, cadidate for delegate in district 12A. 

Tickets are $40, and covers all the beer, wine, and soda you can handle (safely if you have to drive), a night of flash back music, and dance til you drop excitement.

Check Out the Official Flyer

Steve Whisler’s Views on Obama’s First Year

On the anniversary of President Obama’s first year in office, the Catonsville Times ran an article in which different community leaders (including Steve Whisler) were asked about their impressions of Obama’s leadership thus far. While some, on both sides of the aisle, discussed their frustrations with the current administration’s stance on healthcare, the economy, fear of more government spending, and the increased amount of troops in Afghanistan, still others seemed to be sugarcoating the current situation in an effort to appear more positive and supportive.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I think it’s important to be hopeful and positive about the future, but blinding optimism without a firm understanding of the current state of affairs (in any aspect of life) is dangerous. Let’s be real (even Saturday Night Live has admitted it) not very many of the promises Obama made to the American people during his campaign have been realized during his first year in office. If you voted for the President because of his promises for change and revitalized hope, shouldn’t you be at least mildly frustrated about the lack of action on his part?

Freeman Hrabowski, who has been UMBC’s president since 1992 was quoted in the article: “In a society that values immediate gratification, we sometimes have the challenge of being willing to devote enough time and energy to each problem.”

Rev. Ed Whetstone of Catonsville’s Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church echoed Hrabowski’s sentiment when he shared his feelings that finding solutions to such large scale problems as health care and the economy take time.

My question is this; is that really what’s going on in the Obama administration and with his avid government supporters? I don’t think so. The reason the President has not accomplished any of his promised changes is not because he is deliberating over the best possible solution, spending time discussing options with men and women from all ranges of the political spectrum, speaking with the American people and listening to what they want to see in their government, and earnestly weighing ALL the possible options for health care reform and economic stimulus. No… the reason health care reform hasn’t happened is because he is facing serious opposition from conservatives in congress as well as more than half of the American public.

It’s not like Obama has been marinating on these issues. Remember how quickly he came up with the stimulus package? And many would argue that it did little to help the situation and in some ways made things worse. And health care? Well he’s been trying to push that through for months. The President values instant gratification just as much as the next TV dinner loving guy on the street… maybe even more so. Because every day that goes by without that bill being passed is another day that he hasn’t gotten that monkey off his back.

And while Sam Moxley deserves credit for breaking ranks and questioning the effectiveness of the federal stimulus package and not being in full support of Obama’s rash health care reform bill, it’s Steve Whisler who really stood up and challenged the President’s decision making this past year.

Steve believes that Obama and a liberal congress are ignoring citizens’ reservations about continued big government spending in a struggling economy. “The majority of Americans don’t want to see this level of spending and yet they keep doing it,” he said in the article.

Steve also raised concerns in the article about Obama giving too much of his power and decision making privileges away to others, such as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Though he is deeply concerned about some of the choices being made on Capitol Hill, Steve remains optimistic when is comes to the resilience and determination of the American people. He ended his interview on a positive note by saying, “I’m very optimistic that the 2010 elections will bring about changes that will help the American people realize what they want.”

Could Malone Be Prophetic?

I just stumbled across an article in the Baltimore Sun regarding Ulman’s war chest in Howard County.  Normally, I would pass it by.  I don’t live in Ho Co remember?  However, just as I was about to hit delete on my Google Reader, I paused, for I saw a name I recognized, Jimmy Malone.  And here’s what he had to say:

‘”Some people with $1 million lose,” said Del. James E. Malone Jr., a Democrat who represents a fairly conservative portion of southwestern Baltimore County and Elkridge in Howard County.

Malone was thinking about 1990, when Maryland’s Democratic incumbents lost big time. Then-Baltimore County Executive Dennis F. Rasmussen, who had $1 million, lost to novice challenger Roger B. Hayden, a Republican school board member with one-tenth his funding. In Howard, Democratic Del. Elizabeth Bobo, then county executive, narrowly lost her re-election bid to Republican Charles I. Ecker, another school official.”

How awesome would it be if in some way those words came back to bite him in the proverbial ass?  We know that Democrats are going to out-fund raise us by a ginormous margin.  We’re, by far, the underdogs.  But if there was ever a time to reinvent 1990, it’s now.  The people are ready for change, but mark my words, Jimmy Malone is not going down easy.

So, how much fight do you have left in you?  A Facebook friend posted something today about Maryland being a lost cause, a Republican of course.  People, we are far from lost.  We’re just so used to our voices being squelched by the powers that be, that we feel a sense of helplessness.  But we have the power to dictate change, not just in our votes, but with our resources, with our time, and with our words.  What do you say?  Ready to send Jimmy Malone and Steve DeBoy into early retirement?  Let’s do this thing, peeps.  Let’s do it.
Augie and Nalley in 2010!

Why I’m Not a Liberal.

As a staunch conservative, I’ve spent a lot of time wondering what is so appealing about liberalism.  It doesn’t make a lick of sense to me, so why is it so attractive, especially in a place like Hollywood, where they make bakoodles of money and are taxed out the wazoo?  Recently, I’ve been watching starlettes hop from one good cause to the next, and then it hit me.  Liberalism, at its apparent root, is noble and ideal.  It sounds so euphoric.  We can all live in this community, taking care of one another, making sure we’re all equal and happy, not one lacking.  Who wouldn’t want that?  Really?  Even in the Bible, Luke describes a similar design in Acts.

“All the believers were together and had everything in common.  Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to everyone as he had need. Everyday they continued to meet together in the temple courts.  They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying favor of all the people. Acts 2:45-47”

Doesn’t it sound great?  And it explains why so many young people and the  tender hearted jump on this band wagon.  Peace, love and happiness, right?  I’m a Christian, shouldn’t I be on the wagon as well?   Here’s the thing, on what planet does anyone believe that government is the way in which we achieve such an ideal society?  That’s the difference.  That’s why I’m not a liberal.

How long has it been that the Feds have been taking from the “haves” and giving to the “have-nots?”  I don’t the answer per say, but I’m certain that it’s longer than any of our existence.  So where’s this perfect society?  I might be blind, but I only see a greater divide.  And here’s why.  You can’t force people to care.  The difference between a liberal and say, a person who experienced what was going in Acts, is about choice.  The people in the Bible were compelled to give, not by force, but by love.   They knew one another and took care of each other.  They saw a need and filled it, even at their own expense.  But when the choice is removed, when the ability to know whom you’re caring for is absent, where is the incentive?  And are you really helping anyone?

The far left thinks only about the end result, but fails to think of the cost.  Who’s paying for this equality?  Well, the rich have plenty, they should share.  Who says they don’t?  The whole pretense of the liberal movement is that people are selfish, that if they get to keep their money, they’ll spend it on themselves instead of giving it to the poor.  Yes, people are selfish.  It’s human nature, but we’re also giving, and caring, and nuturing.  And when people see a need, they do fill it, if they can. Just take a look at Haiti, the response from the American people was overwhelming.  I hear the most remarkable stories about sacrifice, whether it’s money, or time, or even lives.  God made us with the most amazing ability to feel and respond.  Liberalism takes that away, and puts it in the hands of one who can’t feel, an entity, a government.

Liberalism hurts and hinders the very people it seeks to help. The cost affects the “have-nots” even more than the “haves.”  Of course, you’ve heard the expression, “if you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day.  If you teach him to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime.”  The problem with the government is that, for the most part, it acts more like an ATM machine, handing out money to those in need, but rarely empowering them to do anything with it.  It builds an endless cycle of entitlement and dependence.  What good can come of that, except guaranteed votes?  The Democrats flipped a switch in the early 70’s, going from the party who oppressed minorities by opposing civil rights to the party that enslaved the “have-nots” by giving them a fish each day.

So what’s my solution?  Well, I’m not a politician, and admittedly, my dream is also an ideal.  But what would happen if we shrunk government, gave people back their money, and built up our communities.  Every year, when I do my taxes, I think of what I could do with even just 20% of what I send to the IRS.  We could buy new toys for our friends down at Metro Kids, an inner city ministry in Baltimore.  We could line the shelves at the Catonsville Food Bank.  We could help my sister with her rent payments while her husband is out of work, or help a single mom with child care so she can work and gain independence. I could sponsor two or three of my girls from Guatemala instead of just one.  Don’t get me wrong, we give a lot as we know the needs and have the power and resources, but I just think of how much more we could do.

And then I start to think of where my money is going, and it makes me sick.  The fact that the government thinks it can do more and better with what my husband and I have worked hard to earn, is amazing to me.  And people fall for it…simply amazing.  I get criticized for not wanting this healthcare plan to pass.  But not one person can point out a government program that is run with efficiency and equality.  What makes this one any different when it starts out with deals for this state and that union?   And since when is it that our elected officials simply ignore the will of the people?  And where in those 1000 pages is the ideal, the euphoria of liberalism.  It’s all a facade.  It’s there to garner support from the young and tender-hearted, but at it’s true center is the desire to destroy what this country was built on…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.